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  1. pillamito

    Favorite Books

    My Favorites are: it - stephen king Misery - stephen king The Works of Edgar Allan Poe
  2. pillamito

    Japanese vs. American Animation

    I like the animation of america but I think with the years was losing in quality vs the Japanese animation is that in America the cartoons began to deform and in Japan not but I still like much more the American animation greetings to all Friends of kametsu and may God bless you all
  3. pillamito


    It would be great to be able to enjoy dinosaucers is a real shame that nobody has released the DVDs of this series that was very cool and if anyone has episodes please share is a series of 80s very good greetings friends
  4. pillamito

    Hello friends

    Hello all my friends my name is Antonio and I am happy and I thank you friends for giving me the opportunity to be part of this great community and I hope to be able to help the community greetings to all