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  1. WhitecatTheGrey

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    I use the HAMA metadata agent and ASS scanner from ZeroQI. He took over the project (with permission) well over a year ago and does regular updates. You can find his posts on the plex forums. It was problematic for me to get it set up properly. But I like it a lot and generally only have to change the file names for specials. What I don't like is how hard it is to combine say... an ova with a show under one plex entry. It is possible, but I can tell that what it really does in those cases, is use tvdb, which means in those cases you may as well use tvdb from the start. It scrapes using the anidb agent first and then tvdb as an alternative. I find it collects more metadata than tvdb in general. Though as Catar points out, it has it's issues. However, once I understood what was needed on my part, it has been more or less smooth sailing. Just more time consuming than I'd like. My anime movie library uses the default plex scrapper/scanner because I like to see ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and such. It collects a lot of metadata which I love. But I did try HAMA out with movies as well. Movies are an easier test ground as they don't involve folders and such.
  2. WhitecatTheGrey

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    Indeed, specials are the worst. I think in theory, plex should be a breeze. But file naming is a pretty big issue. My anime library has taken a ton more time than it probably should have.
  3. WhitecatTheGrey

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    I have appreciated your plex friendly naming. I figured you were using the default tvdb scapper. I had a bear of a time getting the anidb scrapper set up properly and in some cases I end up using tvdb instead (ie: multiple seasons).
  4. WhitecatTheGrey

    Kametsu is now SSL-ready!