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  1. meepers

    [CNReborn] Cartoon Network Reborn Project

    Great project. Quite ambitious too! The Amazon UK copies of Courage + Dexter are not in HD, they are simply upscaled from SD. The DVD's are still the best option at this point in time. All episodes of the Flintstones were just added to Boomerang streaming service so they should be compared against DVD for quality.
  2. meepers

    [UPCOMING] Multi-stage server maintenance

    thanks for the heads up
  3. Also interested in what this set might contain
  4. meepers

    Drake and Josh

    I understand perfectly. It is your mind that appears to be clouded. First of all, you posted a pic of the capper saying they can only record in fullscreen, aka 4:3 aspect ratio. Right off the bat the wrong terminology was used which I assume added to your misunderstanding. Secondly, Nickelodeon UK airs all shows in a 16:9 aspect ratio, aka WIDESCREEN. That is the broadcast standard. They never air content in 4:3 aspect ratio, unless it's not upscaled. This means when they air any content that was recorded in 4:3, aka FULLSCREEN, there will be some cropping along the top and bottom when upscaled to 1080i. This is commonplace when older shows are aired via HDTV in the present day. I don't know what on earth you think this has to do with the person who recorded these episodes or the hardware they used but I can assure there is absolutely no correlation whatsoever. Nickelodeon USA does the exact same thing. They air old ep's or movies of Drake and Josh and they are either not upscaled at all, which leaves large black bars on all 4 sides, or they air in 16:9 and end up causing some cropping. When broadcasts are cropped nothing can be done to regain the portions of the picture that are not present.
  5. meepers

    Drake and Josh

    1. The files in question are in .ts format aka raw recordings that have not been altered. 2. The files in question are in 1920x1080i, @ 25fps & 16:9 aspect ratio. 1080i is the broadcast standard for HDTV and 25fps is the standard in the UK. (recordings are from Nick UK as seen from watermark throughout episodes) 3. 16:9 aspect ratio is also the broadcast standard nowadays and these older shows were often recorded in 4:3, hence the cropping. I have no idea what you're talking about but it doesn't make sense.
  6. meepers

    Drake and Josh

    This is not up for debate, it's a fact. Those recordings are fine technically speaking. The cropping came from the source and this is commonplace when older 4:3 shows are aired in 16:9 aspect ratio
  7. meepers

    Drake and Josh

    The cropping is not the fault of the person who recorded. The episodes were aired cropped by Nick.UK so that's the best they could have gotten
  8. meepers

    Drake and Josh

    These copies are decent but they are unfortunately all cropped. http://www.framecompare.com/image-compare/screenshotcomparison/DPWNNN8X
  9. meepers

    4K Media - Are you making the jump?

    I'm waiting on 4k until the next standard is released for the format. I'll let others go out and buy all of the 'v.1' 4k equipment and rough it until things get ironed out
  10. meepers

    Sony buys Funimation

    Thanks for the news
  11. I am also very interested if this is possible as I have already found at least one film they claim to offer in 1080p that no other source appears to offer
  12. meepers


    Yes. The more I dig on here the more users I've been recognizing
  13. meepers


    Ahoy. I recognize many of you from another "body-part" named website I'm here for the tooooonz!