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  1. Not every animated film to come out, obviously, gets the critical acclaim and box office success of Pixar. Some of them deserve to be drubbed into the ground (Norm of the North, The Boss Baby, the Emoji Movie), but on occasion there are animated works that completely fail, yet still have their fans. What are some cartoons that you feel deserved more recognition? Me personally, I really think "Strange Magic" deserves another look. I'm a big fan of jukebox musicals in general, but as far as that one goes, everything about the design reminds me of Lucasfilm's 1980s fantasy works. The character design looks like something ripped straight from Labyrinth or The Dark Crystal. I feel like Strange Magic was supposed to be made in the 80s with cheesy puppets rather than computer animation. It's very unique, if nothing else. Also, it has an army doing a battle chant that's literally a wordless, acapella version of Bad Romance. Which is the greatest thing ever.
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