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  1. If anyone on this forum wants my email address, I suggest PMing me for it soon. Otherwise you might be stuck having to contact me on Discord or Mastodon.

  2. Take my advice, don't ask me (or anyone) for cartoons or whatever in a status update.

  3. The first 3 replies were written by aardbark, Andi, and Alangado, all beginning with the first letter of the alphabet... I found it funny when I noticed that.
  4. My username doesn't begin with the letter A.
  5. Well everyone, here we are. What can I even say that isn't really obvious, or for that matter won't possibly get me in trouble? Well, I'll try and say this at least, you probably won't see me around much here anymore, so my suggestion is that if you want to keep in touch with me for discussing completely legal matters, here's some alternate ways to contact me:


    Discord: dangerousvhs#1431


    Mastodon/Pleroma: @[email protected]


    Email: PM for it


    Let me know if there's anywhere else you'd like to contact me, I'll see what I can do.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. dangerousvhs


      I don't have those. Could probably rip them. Definitely not post them on this site.

    3. Loudfan12312


      dose Djstarfish have them

    4. dangerousvhs


      idk but I suggest not continuing this conversation here.

  6. At this point, the test subject...was dead. {Gasp from the audience}

  7. You may be pleased to know that ToonAVision will be available to me soon, according to them.



    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Arian


      I just talked to a Bell representative and they told me they have no control over that and they just broadcast in whatever resolution the channel is offered in.


      I have to go by their word. Because honestly, what's talked about in forums is a lot of back-and-forth speculation. Plus it looks damn good either way and has way less pixelation than Rogers had for example.

    3. Arian
    4. dangerousvhs


      Yeah, I guess without access to the data there's just no way to know. May as well be 144p for all we know. I'm surprised it's better than Rogers though. Well, hope it serves you well.

  8. Do you think Family Channel will ever air HD remasters of Rankin/Bass specials that NBCUniversal owns next year? That also includes Frosty Returns and The Legend of Frosty the Snowman (If they air their HD masters like iTunes and Netflix).

    Also wanted Pat the Dog to air on Family too, but it took like a year to not air it on English-Canadian channel.

  9. Did Firehouse Tales ever aired in Canada ?

    1. dangerousvhs


      I haven't heard of it.

  10. Hollywood Suite is apparently on free preview again. If you see a rare movie on there you want, know that they don't edit movies for time like AMC, though some of the movies (mostly old Canadian ones) are presented in upscaled SD. (I guess HD prints were too hard to get for some films.)


    (Related: I hope DHX Media has HD transfers or film prints somewhere of the movies Cinar made back when they were a film production company.)

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. DJStarfish


      Santa's Apprentice is reairing for the first time on TQ. I know all the French episodes are on YouTube. Would be cool though.

    3. Arian


      @dangerousvhs I set both of them to record as a series, but how many episodes do you need of each.

    4. dangerousvhs


      Just one of Zoboomafoo. Either they didn't do anything to the show in which case it's not that interesting, or it's cropped to 16:9, in which case I won't likely want to see too much of it. You don't have to do Santa at all but if you're gonna might as well do as much as you can. Thank you!

  11. So people are apparently making fake accounts of me now. Not sure how to feel about that. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnA0mAFb0xY5lZOdpAni6DQ

    1. Koby
    2. dangerousvhs


      I guess it would be useful to get attention off me, but I don't want them scamming anyone.

  12. Neat bug I found: plugging in or unplugging a USB device while capturing video causes dropped frames.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. dangerousvhs


      Technically speaking it's the computer that does. My best guess is what Windows loading and unloading the drivers locks up disk I/O... somehow.

    3. DJStarfish


      Oh. That's why. My computer is kinda shit tho.

    4. dangerousvhs


      So's mine. Might get try to get a new one next year, though this will likely remain my capture PC.

  13. Are there any Christmas specials on AMC worth capping?

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. GordonQuid


      And if you do it, help me getting To Grandmother's House We Go... 

    3. dangerousvhs


      Set to record tomorrow morning. I cleared some space so hopefully it'll be ok.

    4. GordonQuid
  14. Family Jr. is airing new episodes of Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood on Mondays, seemingly ahead of PBS, with S4E05 airing this Monday upcoming. But so far it looks like only the first two episodes are on Family Go. I don't have time to do TV rips of them right now, but I thought I'd put this out there in case anyone else wants to. In the meantime, I'm working on web-dls of the first 3 seasons.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. StarSaber
    3. dangerousvhs


      Oh yes, that was the season 3 premiere here, I think the show premiered on Family Jr. with that episode.

    4. StarSaber
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