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  1. Where to put live action threads

    Yeah, you get immediate access to the "VIP" section after having 150 posts on here. I'm probably not a very important person myself (despite what I've done) but I've apparently made 150 posts without pissing anyone off, so I guess that's something. It's funny, considering what most of my posts are... Well, anyway, barring further notice, I guess I'll post in the VIP section in the coming months, I think I'll have some good material by then. And hey, while I'm here, maybe I ought to point out that threads in the Distro Rules & User Indexes section are viewable publicly, so even if someone isn't on here and so can't view which threads are in the content sections, they can still quite easily determine what I've uploaded by looking at the... convenient list... I created. Hell, it's on the first page of results for my user name.
  2. Where to put live action threads

    Well, that's the thing. I did kind of test the waters (in the opposite direction) a while ago, having posted Radio Free Roscoe. EDIT: As well as Dark Oracle, almost forgot about that one... and I still need to get around to ripping the DVD! And it looks like all the links are still up, nothing bad has happened to me. (Granted, they're DHX series, and they barely care about people sharing their shows at all.) (I've also uploaded Lazytown, but I consider it a cartoon in the first place. A bit like like Roger Rabbit, with a few actors, but in a world of animation, just it's CGI and puppets instead of hand-drawn animation.)
  3. Where to put live action threads

    Yeah, ok. I don't know if I'll be posting immediately but I have a better idea of how to prioritize my work there, now that I can see what everyone else is posting. I consent to posting my live action rips outside VIP (unless necessary).
  4. Well, I now have access to the VIP section and can see what is (and isn't) in there, but this has me wondering... previously, I've uploaded a few live action series in the cartoon section, just out of not having access. (Well, at least that was put up with.) But I'm wondering, do I have to put threads of live action shows there now, or is it only if I don't want my links getting into bad hands? I'm not that worried about my links being stolen because I'll destroy anyone who dares because I haven't had problems with it yet. (Seriously though, don't cross me... ) I'd rather as many people be able to download my files as possible, unless it causes problems for me.
  5. Hey, starting Saturday, i'm going to get the French episodes of an animated series, Wombat City. 


    They are currently rerunning on the French channel Gong Max, and i throught you will be interested in this. I'm recording Saturday's episode (can't record today or Friday) via a M3U8 link and VLC, and if you like, i will send you the link to the M3U8 so you can record the episodes. 


    Ah, and this is a M3U8 link that i found on the official Gong app on Google Play.

    1. dangerousvhs


      I don't think I'd be able to record from a live broadcast like that, but thanks for the offer. I've tried something similar before, but time zone differences are a bit funky. I'm satisfied with ripping from mostly Canadian channels, the occasional US channel that we can get up here, and DVDs.

    2. GordonQuid


      Okay. I will cap while I can. 

  6. Just wondering, do you happen to have the Decades channel here in Canada ? 

    1. dangerousvhs


      It's this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decades_(TV_network)


      American subchannels are only available if you can receive them OTA. (They're banned on cable!)


      It looks like they don't have an affiliate in any border city. They have an affiliate in Detroit, but I don't live in Windsor, sorry.


      Why anyway?

    2. GordonQuid


      It was for asking you to record Too Legit: The MC Hammer Story, which airs Friday but since.... Oh well anyways i have a rip from VH1 Classic. 

    3. dangerousvhs


      Sorry about that. One day though, I might save up for an antenna, and maybe I'd be able to pick up some US stations and watch/rip from subchannels. Or maybe not, I'm not so close to much that's useful. But I think I'd at least be able to get some Canadian stations, and it'd be much better quality than cable.


      That won't be for a while though.

  7. Chroma Deinterlace Virtualdub error

    I use Virtualdub's capture mode to save with the Huffyuv codec. BIIIIIIIIG files (around 60GB for a half hour) but I don't have to worry about anything stupid happening to the interlacing as it's a lossless codec. (Well, unless it was stupid to begin with.)
  8. APPLY: Uploader usergroup

    Only 10? Fine, it seems I've actually got 13 by now, so I guess you just saved me from a spot of bad luck! Oh who am I kidding, there was no saving me. So, I guess we can consider this a best of list. https://kametsu.com/topic/58001-mega-a-treasure-in-my-garden-dvdrip-480p/ https://kametsu.com/topic/58191-mega-atomic-betty-tvrip-480p/ https://kametsu.com/topic/57945-google-drive-bradys-beasts-tvrip-480p/ https://kametsu.com/topic/57949-mega-maya-the-bee-complete-80s-south-african-english-dub-webrip-480p/ https://kametsu.com/topic/58209-mega-the-marvelous-misadventures-of-flapjack-27-46-tvrip-1080p-in-progress/ https://kametsu.com/topic/58005-mega-planet-sketch-season-1-tvrip-1080p/ https://kametsu.com/topic/57934-mega-roboroach-tvrip-360p480p/ https://kametsu.com/topic/57946-mega-ranger-rob-tvrip-1080p/ https://kametsu.com/topic/58019-google-drive-toupou-lenfant-sauvage-de-central-park-tupu-french-tvrip-480p/ https://kametsu.com/topic/58007-mega-mes-bestioles-chéries-naughty-naughty-pets-french-tvrip-480p/
  9. Kametsu is now SSL-ready!

    Congrats and thanks! Security is becoming very important now, so it's good to have some more protection.
  10. dangerousvhs rips

    And here's a convenient list of all the rips I've uploaded here. Use it well! A Treasure in My Garden Animaniacs Danish dub Arthur Arthur (version française) Arturo (Spanish Arthur) Atomic Betty Atomic Betty (version française) Brady's Beasts The Care Bears Movie Charlie Brown specials Emily & Alexander, che tipi questi topi (Country Mouse, City Mouse in Italian) Future Card Buddyfight (Teletoon airings) Houdini (version française) Iron Man Anime (Dub) LazyTown (version française) The Little Prince (2010s 3D Series English Dub) Maya the Bee (80s South African English Dub) The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Mes Bestioles Chéries (Naughty Naughty Pets in French) Los Misterios del Oráculo (Dark Oracle in Spanish) Planet Sketch Radio Free Roscoe Ranger Rob Robbie the Reindeer series RoboRoach The Secret World of Santa Claus Toupou, l'enfant sauvage de Central Park (Tupu in French)
  11. Rip closed captioning from TV?

    Does anyone know a good way to rip closed captioning from TV broadcasts? What I mean is in a format that replicates the functionality (look, formatting, etc) of the captions reasonably-- support things like positioning and even replication of rollup captions. (Most PC subtitle formats seem not to.) And be able to rip commercials, that is, if I rip from a commercial TV channel I'd need to be able to change the timecodes on the captions to match up with the video. (And probably delete captions from the commercials.) It would be nice to include closed captioning with future rips if possible.
  12. Rips coming soon

    You may have already seen my rips (mostly from Canadian TV) elsewhere already, well now you'll be able to download them here, as soon as I can find where the forum to post them is. I even have most of the rips that are currently only floating around with the watermark of a certain other site that begins with the letter k, and more. I have lots to upload, if I get around to it, really!