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  1. Can you make space in your inbox?

  2. Can you get the French dub of Endangered Species from Teletoon Français and Disney la Chaîne ?

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    2. GordonQuid


      I download them from France 4's website.

    3. GordonQuid


      I will try to upload some to my MEGA later BTW...

    4. GordonQuid


      Sended you a PM with the French Unikitty episodes i got today.

  3. Do you have an opportunity to rip from the Télé-Québec website?


    I have been ripping some shows from there using youtube-dl. Even though I don't have the channel on cable anymore, I do have some raw broadcast recordings when I was at vacation to Montreal this year.


    Even though the streams are 720p, while the older ones are 576p and 288p. Would you plan on doing those?

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    2. DJStarfish


      @dangerousvhs It seems to be fine for me yesterday. But it isn't working now.

    3. dangerousvhs


      Probably just a glitch. It's already working again.

    4. dangerousvhs


      ...if this is about when I asked about Tele-Quebec before, I just checked, looks like the show I wanted isn't even on the schedule anymore. Shoot.

  4. dangerousvhs

    my uploads

    This list only catalogues my own threads, sorry. I have most of the episodes that have aired on Canadian TV so far, but that's all. Wasn't planning to make my own thread as there wouldn't be much point. I've thought about cataloguing links I posted in others' threads, but not sure how I should go about that.
  5. Rest in peace, aardvark friend. 1997-2018 https://tvokids.com/school-age/arthur

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    2. dangerousvhs


      True, A lot of episodes had problems on TVO, especially early ones, which had weird-sounding (mono) audio. (Though that's nostalgic in some strange way) But I appreciated that they weren't plastered.


      If Arthur appears on Family we'll probably get everything in stereo, plus better quality season 14, which DHX likely has in a progressive format. I suspect they also have 13 in a progressive format, though likely not HD. But older episodes will probably have problems from being decimated to 24p like Caillou. (Sure, I was doing that too, but they did it worse!) Old episodes would probably look like when the first 3 seasons aired on Unis, but without the screwed up interlacing.


      I don't think Amazon's copies of the show are very good quality, and doubt PBS will put out any more old episodes on DVD, even though they'd probably sell well. Maybe another company? Mill Creek was somehow able to put out Postcards From Buster.

    3. MysticFTW


      Why didn't you all just rip them earlier? Why wait forever until they pulled it? lol 

    4. dangerousvhs


      I was trying to save up for an antenna to do them OTA with better quality. Never happened.

  6. dangerousvhs

    Rip closed captioning from TV?

    My ultimate idea for ripping these in the first place, (getting the data at all) as far as digital cable is concerned is to get it from the analogue output of my cable box with an old capture card that can read NTSC captions. (It has a caption decoder but it sucks anyway.) You're also forgetting, OTA and DVDs are a thing. Ok, I do recognize CCExtractor. It works ok for popup captions, but they don't come out looking very right, they look very basic and lose their formatting. And it's useless with rollup captions. (Very rare on DVDs, but the preference of Canadian TV.) In theory SCC Tools should be able to handle this, since it can manipulate caption binaries. I've noticed the latest version of VLC has a much less broken caption decoder, so I should test it again. I recently learned that a certain person who's no longer on the forum had a pretty good way of converting captions to ass, (iirc) but I guess I'll never learn how.
  7. dangerousvhs

    Rip closed captioning from TV?

    Not sure, I'll have a look. I recently found something called SCC Tools which I've been playing with but the results seem not to work.
  8. Do you have by any chance the French-European dub of Braceface ?


    Rumors says that the French dub is playing on Rouge TV's channels of random shit but i'm uncertain :



    Also check Mini Rouge on the main Rouge TV channel on weekends.

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    2. mcmxcixmm


      Wait, are you guys looking for the German dub now? I thought this was about the French one...


      I have the first 26 episodes on DVD - there's an English audio track too, but the video (text, etc.) is in German so I hadn't bothered uploading it.

    3. dangerousvhs


      I have no idea anymore.

    4. GordonQuid


      I'm looking for foreign dubs of the show this includes German, French, etc alongside episodes taped off Disney Channel USA in 2004 and the original Fox Family Channel airings... 

  9. dangerousvhs

    What's a cartoon you gave up on watching?

    The Mighty Hercules. I like some trash, but the repetitiveness really got to me, and towards what I think was the end I lost the ability to tell if I had previously seen an episode or not. (All the episodes are extremely similar to one another, and there's no episode titles.)
  10. dangerousvhs

    OST forum for non-VIPs (cartoons only?)

    I do have some good soundtrack discs I should upload, actually. (Oh wow that was my 256th post. Enough to fill an 8-bit integer!)
  11. Hey, how about I involve you in the process for once? I'm working on George Shrinks right now, and for some episodes I have multiple different DVD releases of them. What's interesting is that it's very different on each! Take for example, Sunken Treasures. I have it on an older DVD of the same name, and a newer compilation DVD of various Nelvana shows called Ready For Playtime. The older DVD just looks like it was taken directly from the original TV master, but the newer DVD is much better looking, very clear and digital, like they made a new one for it. It's also higher bitrate, interestingly. The picture quality is better in about every way than the older DVD, but the older period-accurate Nelvana logo was replaced with the newer modern one, and also most of the episodes I have will be from BBC Kids, which uses the older version, so the older DVD would be more consistent. And I don't know, maybe people would like the worse-looking picture better? Have a look at this comparison I uploaded http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/115990 and let me know what you think I should do.

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    2. Scyrous


      For what reason would people prefer a worse-looking picture? Because I can't wrap my head around that. The only reason I can think of would be the logo, which you can easily replace with the old version if needed.


      So yeah, definitely go with newer DVD.

    3. dangerousvhs


      It's funny actually, I was originally going to use the older DVD for consistency with the tvrip of the rest of the episodes, but as I looked at the newer one more I liked it for the cleaner picture more and more. As for preference otherwise... don't know, that's why I asked! People have asked me for some strange things before, including making good on the name and recording everything onto VHS before uploading...


      On the subject of editing in the older logo, I could maybe try that, though it would clash due to being lower quality, but if you want me to put it in maybe I will.

    4. GordonQuid


      I REMEMBER THIS SHOW. What's funny is that the show is from the same studios who made Braceface, just a different channel (ABC Family for the USA and Teletoon in Canada for the first, PBS for the USA, and TVOntario/YTV/Treehouse in Canada for the other).

  12. After all these years, I've just realized that on a T-160 in EP mode, I could record 14 episodes of a half-hour show. Wish I could go back to 2005* and tell myself that.


    *I believe 2005 is around the time my family started buying T-160s, instead of T-120.

  13. Can you rip Brico Club from Unis TV? I know that stupid user named EC-707 wants to find this show, which he's annoying! You can post it if you want.

    1. P3-NI5


      If you're talking about https://unis.ca/brico-club, then I don't think videos are available

    2. DJStarfish


      I'm actually talking about the HDTV rips, which are in better quality.

    3. dangerousvhs


      I've been ripping it on and off. Should try and be more on I guess.

  14. Do you have Yvon Of The Yukon in French by any chance ? I have brief memories of seeing a French dub of this show when i was a little child. 

    1. dangerousvhs


      Sorry, I can't even verify its existence.

  15. Can you try to get the French dub of Martha Speaks from Unis TV ? 



    1. dangerousvhs


      I could but looking at their schedule page it looks like they'll stop airing it soon?

    2. GordonQuid


      Awwwwww crap.