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  1. Do you happen to have Seasons 1 & 2 of the French dub of Angelo Rules from Unis TV?


    They used to air them but they removed the first two seasons from their website. I have all of Season 4 now, have to encode some of them later. I was gonna rip all of Season 3, but I have to go to school next week, so I don't have time to record all of them. Although I did encoded episodes 37-46 of it.

    1. dangerousvhs


      I only have a few episodes.


      I also noticed the page for les explorateurs is gone. Like Angelo, I didn't rip that many episodes of it. :(

    2. DJStarfish


      The show pages for Brico Club and Chronokids are also gone. I was recording all Brico Club episodes on my old PVR before it broke, since I got a new one, same PVR in March. Thankfully I encoded all of Chronokids and posted to YouTube.


      Well you know, les explorateurs should stream on Télé-Québec's Squat, since they got l'homme (Still on the Unis' show page for some reason)

    3. dangerousvhs


      I uploaded all the Brico Club I have to youtube already.


      For some reason l'homme is in really bad quality on TQ, but at least it's on blu-ray. Les explorateurs isn't, nor are les découvreurs or la terre.


      (Also hey, I didn't realize Heroes' Day aired in Quebec today!)

  2. Hey... I wonder if you still have the raw AVI or MP4 of Donner (2001) ? I want to upload it to Passthepopcorn to complete the list of ABC Family Original Movies. 



    1. dangerousvhs


      I should. I'll dig it out and upload it when I can.

    2. GordonQuid
  3. Can you please get The Save-Ums dubbed in French from Telemagino? 



  4. Dangerousvhs, a question, if Corus have any plans to bring back Braceface on television (reruns), do you think that the show might be fitting on ABC Spark ? Disney Channel Canada and Disney XD Canada are good choices as well. 


    If the Teletoon would air the show in 2018, then it would be at 5:00 AM... When did the show was last seen on Canadian television (in reruns?) ? 

    1. dangerousvhs


      I'd say BBC Kids was out last hope of seeing old Nelvana shows on Canadian TV. They largely stopped selling shows to other channels in favour of rerunning them forever (but only when they feel like it) on the Corus channels, which have pretty bad upscaling on HD content. I don't know when the last time Braceface was on Canadian TV.


      (Around a year ago 6Teen randomly was on Disney Channel for about 5 seconds.)

    2. GordonQuid


      Oh okay. Wait 6Teen was on Disney Channel Canada? O_o ABC Spark is rerunning Student Bodies currently. 

  5. I've recently learned that sadly, BBC Kids will shut down at the end of the year. If you see anything on the schedule that you think would be even remotely interesting to have a rip of, you should tell me ASAP. I'm going to focus my efforts for the rest of the year on the channel's shows.



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    2. GordonQuid


      Any chance on doing Prank Patrol episodes? 

    3. dangerousvhs


      Holy crap, 17 replies! I'll try to respond to everyone here...


      BBC Kids just got a branding refresh in 2016. Compare my rips from before that (such as Brady's Beasts) and after (Lilly) and you'll notice the logo's different. They got new promos and bumpers that look pretty good too. Only major provider I can think of that they weren't on was Shaw, though I wonder if that's unrelated to their death. I know they had been pursuing an agreement with them.


      This seems to have gone over Arian's head, but Red Dwarf isn't on the channel. Not sure if it ever was, maybe under AA.


      Doodlez was on Teletoon back in the day. Trying to rip some episodes, doubt I'll be able to get them all with how erratic the schedule is and the complete lack of guide.


      Even HD shows are worth getting from the channel if there isn't a better source readily available for them. I agree it's a waste of my time if there is. Episode 26 of Robin Hood is The Ballad of Robin Hood; John the Hero? Those episodes are on this weekend.


      Prank Patrol is being capped. Not sure I'll be able to get every episode. There's 100!? And Arian mentioned they might not all be in circulation either. (On that note, remember that Teleniños exists.)


      And, while I'm quite hopeful for Wow (maybe they'll even get some of BBC Kids's orphaned shows) it's pretty sad to see pretty much the last commercial-free kid channel disappear. I don't appreciate how heavily kids are advertised to these days*, so I appreciated BBC Kids as an escape.


      *yes it sucked back in the day too. That doesn't justify it.

    4. GordonQuid
  6. dangerousvhs

    MP4 audio tracks

    Good point, I just tried playing the file on my TV and it indeed defaulted to the first audio track. Not that it's good to play incorrectly on any player. I should note that most of the other episodes have a delay on the AC3 track too. I should've tested this more.
  7. dangerousvhs

    MP4 audio tracks

    I'm currently working on a release of Dark Oracle with two audio tracks, in English and Spanish, but I noticed some strange behaviour with it. Even though Spanish is the second audio track it seems to be used as default. (While trying to figure out why I also noticed it's off sync in Windows Media Player for some reason, and it seems to play silently in Firefox. Probably less important.) Here's my mediainfo: And the file for you to test: https://mega.nz/#!qTwRxYbA!RzhMjmzFOlTmlaDboZCCAwk4I88fqKv73q2OYGqkp10 I understand my choice to use AC3 audio might give players that don't support it some trouble, (maybe I should reconsider that too) but why are players that can play AC3 choosing the Spanish track over it?
  8. Do you have by any chance Teletoon tapes from 2001-2004 ?

    1. dangerousvhs


      I have a few but not much that's interesting.

  9. Do you know if any of the Crocodile Dundee films aired on Family in the past ? 


    I really want to see one of them opening with the old "Closed Captioning For The Following Program Is Brought To You By Family.ca! Log On To Join Click Club!" (or in later years, "Closed Captioning For The Following Program Is Brought To You By Family.ca! Click For Games, Contests And Fun Stuff!") ID from the 2000s following the "The Following Program Is Rated PG, We Suggest Parental Guidance For Younger Viewers" ID. 

    1. dangerousvhs


      I have a small number of Family recordings from that era but none of those movies.

  10. dangerousvhs

    Remove blended frames on 30fps video to 25fps

    I've never been able to do it satisfactorily, that's why I just deinterlace them. (Or leave them at 60p for the rare 720p source.) 3:3 pulldown is pretty easy to reverse though.
  11. Reminder that if you want me to do something you should ASK ME ABOUT IT. I can't read minds and it's impossible to keep track of everything, so I only pay attention to what I know about and anything else I might find interesting. If you see something say something. Look at sites like TV Passport or Zap2it for Canadian TV schedules.

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. dangerousvhs
    3. GardnerJ1995


      Do you have anyDo you have any.  Classic cartoon  Canadian TV recordings.  What year are these recordings from 

    4. dangerousvhs


      Approx 2002-2013.

  12. Can you make space in your inbox?

  13. Can you get the French dub of Endangered Species from Teletoon Français and Disney la Chaîne ?

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    2. GordonQuid


      I download them from France 4's website.

    3. GordonQuid


      I will try to upload some to my MEGA later BTW...

    4. GordonQuid


      Sended you a PM with the French Unikitty episodes i got today.

  14. Do you have an opportunity to rip from the Télé-Québec website?


    I have been ripping some shows from there using youtube-dl. Even though I don't have the channel on cable anymore, I do have some raw broadcast recordings when I was at vacation to Montreal this year.


    Even though the streams are 720p, while the older ones are 576p and 288p. Would you plan on doing those?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DJStarfish


      @dangerousvhs It seems to be fine for me yesterday. But it isn't working now.

    3. dangerousvhs


      Probably just a glitch. It's already working again.

    4. dangerousvhs


      ...if this is about when I asked about Tele-Quebec before, I just checked, looks like the show I wanted isn't even on the schedule anymore. Shoot.

  15. dangerousvhs

    my uploads

    This list only catalogues my own threads, sorry. I have most of the episodes that have aired on Canadian TV so far, but that's all. Wasn't planning to make my own thread as there wouldn't be much point. I've thought about cataloguing links I posted in others' threads, but not sure how I should go about that.