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  1. Maybe if enough people complain to Family they'll air old programming in the correct aspect ratio!
  2. Does anyone know a good way to rip closed captioning from TV broadcasts? What I mean is in a format that replicates the functionality (look, formatting, etc) of the captions reasonably-- support things like positioning and even replication of rollup captions. (Most PC subtitle formats seem not to.) And be able to rip commercials, that is, if I rip from a commercial TV channel I'd need to be able to change the timecodes on the captions to match up with the video. (And probably delete captions from the commercials.) It would be nice to include closed captioning with future rips if possible.
  3. Hecho.
  4. Done.
  5. I could just post the straight rips from Teleniños, but the video quality would be a bit bad.
  6. And thank you for your encouragement! Maybe I'll get to it sooner.
  7. No, the DVD is English only, I ripped the Spanish dub from Canadian TV. But unlike a lot of what's on Teleniños (in that either there's no DVD whatsoever and no one's even ever heard of it, or it has titles written in Spanish) the video on Teleniños appears to be the same as what's on DVD, just with their stupid huge logo over it and in much lower quality, so I'll probably try syncing it up with the DVD's video.
  8. Lol I doubt there's a ton of people ripping from Teleniños, but yes, my rips are probably better quality than most Mexican releases, lol canada.
  9. Not at all, just know it's pretty behind on the backburner. (And that's funny, one of the eps was a pain to rip in Spanish, iirc it was 22, which Teleniños for some reason would only air at like 1:25 AM.)
  10. I own that DVD set and have been planning to rip it, if you're patient, I'll have it up, eventually, probably alongside the Spanish dub.
  11. I have all 26 episodes Family aired (they never even bothered with the back 26) but if you watch the current Family airings you'll see why; they're cropped and upscaled to 16:9, and they look like utter crap. On the bright side, I also have 25 and 26 ripped from BBC Kids, and they're in the right aspect ratio.
  12. You may have already seen my rips (mostly from Canadian TV) elsewhere already, well now you'll be able to download them here, as soon as I can find where the forum to post them is. I even have most of the rips that are currently only floating around with the watermark of a certain other site that begins with the letter k, and more. I have lots to upload, if I get around to it, really!