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  1. Darkus

    Invader Zim RETURNS!!!

    Teaser. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwDN8pJvW2I Invader ZIM SDCC 2018 Exclusive poster
  2. Darkus

    ElectricAngel's Boomerang WEB-DL Index

    Yeah, but... Audios in Spanish from a WEB-DL source... I need them to help a friend...
  3. Darkus

    ElectricAngel's Boomerang WEB-DL Index

    ¡You are my new hero!. Anxious about the Tom & Jerry episodes and The Looney Tunes Show [Spanish audios specifically if you include them, I have a friend who wants them from a WEB-DL source]. ¡Thanks in advance!.
  4. Darkus

    Invader Zim RETURNS!!!

    Great! Zim will dominate all humans!