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  1. I'm older, now...with another year...whew...time flies...lol


    Anyway...cake for everyone :D I love y'all! ❤️ 



    1. DRX


      Happy birthday bud, hope you have a great day and love to you as well ^_^

    2. marbleroll


      Happy Birthday :D lol even though it's just now the 19th here :P I guess I'm late to be early? 

  2. Happy new year everyone! I'm so grateful that I found this website in 2017 and I got so many childhood memories back...as cartoons xD! A huge Thank you and love to all of you who made it possible!


    "God bless us everyone!"



    1. ACCM


      HNY/happy new year!!!!

  3. Hey! PLEASE!...Could you reupload Mad Jack the Pirate (DVD) again? I desperately need it and I will make a backup and post it! PLEASE! :(

    1. 4a857436@mailna
    2. Googler123


      You are in great luck my friend. Just now I'm in a place with good internet. Gimme a bit of time and it'll be up. I'll hold you to your end of the deal though :D

  4. Lol what a topic... ok then... 4 x External HDD 3.0, 3.5" 1TB - full 1TB - full 1TB - 90% full 1TB - free lol
  5. :D Ok everyone. I'm ready to upload, re-upload cartoons and everything that would help others to get back the memories of their childhood...which this site helped me as well. Let's begin. :)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. pixxelherz


      A new hosting website? Do share your find. Thanks. 

    3. VSHD


      There we go: https://sendit.cloud:D This one of the best hosting services! 

    4. olympustenay


      Any chance of that small sized ninja turtles(80s-90s) animated series upload?

  6. Please Tooncore! Can you upload Tutenstein? I've been waiting for so long for the UPC uploader to up it...but I think he forgot and he did'nt came back here... PLEASE!

    1. Tooncore


      All apologies I have no idea what Tutenstein even is? 

    2. VSHD


      Haha lol... No problem then. :) I'll wait for UPC to come back... maybe :( 


      this is the show: imdb.com/title/tt0386986

  7. Hello everyone! I tried to find it everywhere but I just cant... I really need this version of the movie " Phineas.and.Ferb.The.Movie.Across.the.2nd.Dimension.2011.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT " I cant't find it anywhere...here on Kametsu is just a x264 version which is not what I need. And also the torrent on RARBG is dead. Please! I anyone can put it on MEGA or give me something to get it I would be really grateful...Or someone to invite me to MySpleen. Please!
  8. Hello! I just want to beg you to put the Tutenstein series on mega!!!! Please I really need to watch them!!!! I will backup them!!!!! PLEASE!!!

  9. Hello! And I'm sorry for the off-topic...but could I get an invite to MySpleen? PLEASE! I haven't watched some cartoons and I think are there and I really want them! Please! :love:
  10. PLEASE fix the links 

    I want to get all the 1080p's! PLEASE!!! :love:

    1. leatherpuppetz


      He doesn't post on here no more, so don't expect a fix.

    2. VSHD


      Then what? :/ There's no way I could get those cartoons? omg... How I can contact him or etc... ???

    3. leatherpuppetz



      Then what? :/




      There's no way I could get those cartoons?


      1: You can try the search function and see if another member has posted those.

      2: There are people who have them, but unfortunately when the link goes down they don't help out and repost them to help the original uploader.

      3: You can try and find another place that might have them, and if you do your more then welcomed to download and upload them yourself and share them with members here.  It would help others out not to be in the situation you are in now with dead links.



      How I can contact him or etc... ???


      Normal contact is done by PM. But he's not receiving messages, so you can't.  Unfortunately a combination of file hosts deleting his files, and other members reporting his Awesome work to have it taken down lead him to stop uploaded here.  Cant blame Tooncore, why spend all that time and effort, days weeks months to encode/upload these great cartoons just to have it taken down in less then 24hrs.



      Cant wait to see what Great cartoons you have to share with all of us here.   :)

  11. VSHD

    Nintendo Switch

    Snake Pass for Nintendo Switch is amazing! And now it's out for PC as well, on Steam! Go and try it!
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