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  1. They can't really do much more than blocking Real-Debrid's IP addresses and terminating their accounts. They are already doing the former already, I got an IP address blocked error on two links earlier, but I was able to simply generate them again and it worked as they used a different IP. I haven't had that error since then yet. (NitroFlare's owner is known for DDoSing premium link generators, which is why Real-Debrid doesn't support that site, but I don't think MEGA would go THAT low.)
  2. Believe me, I would do that, if they were not insanely overpriced, especially shows from Disney and Nickelodeon. $20–30 every 10 episodes? No thanks, I'd rather support the creators in other ways. Strange, I've never had issues like that. Issues like that should be reported in their forum or directly to support. But was it confirmed that the corruption was caused by Real-Debrid and not any of the multiple other possible reasons? You can also change two-factor authentication to require TOTP (Google Authenticator) instead of email under "My Account".
  3. I know most such services sound "sketchy", and the file hosters certainly do not like them so this is a cat and mouse game and there's no guarantee it'll always work (although these sites do tend to make an effort to fix broken sites). But with this site your payment is actually registered as being sent to a proper company unlike some others where it goes to some random individual and your transaction history shows you bought some Steam game key or such. And sure, with everything that's "unlimited", there may be some unwritten artifical limit but I haven't found one so far. It's not like I leech terabytes of content with it every day. But the ability to paste even 200+ links at once and JDownloader integration is really great. And I can definitely understand people who prefer not to pay anything at all, but in my opinion it's well worth it instead of messing around with IP changes and such. It gives you so much more for your money than a MEGA premium account. And by paying monthly you can minimize the risk of something bad happening, e.g. being banned from the service or stopping support for certain file hosts with no refund, at the cost of paying slightly more overall while you do stick to the service.
  4. I recently discovered a great service at Real-Debrid.com. For €4/month (or €9 / 3 months), they provide completely unlimited download traffic for MEGA and a bunch of premium file hosts (one notable exception being NitroFlare, which is not supported). I can recommend it to everyone. Also, if you add your Real-Debrid account to JDownloader, it will try to download through Real-Debrid for any file host supported by that site. (You may want to go to "Settings -> Account Manager -> Usage Rules and add the hosts you use to prevent it from trying to download directly through the hoster in "Free Mode".)
  5. It appears that if I use Gravatar, the site requests my avatar in 80x80 resolution and then upscales it which results in it looking blurry. If I upload my avatar directly to Kametsu, it looks fine.
  6. I generally prefer subtitles nowadays. I'm from Hungary and they used to air some anime here, but A+ which was later renamed to Animax has been dead since like 2012 and no channel airs anime here apart from some re-runs. When I re-watched Kaleido Star because it's good and I didn't remember all of it (back then I didn't keep up with series properly from the beginning to the end, I just watched them whenever I saw them on TV), I watched with the Hungarian dub, though. (Interestingly, A+ even aired the Kaleido Star OVAs on TV here back when it still existed.) I usually watch anime in Japanese with English subtitles now (because I'm good at English and don't necessarily want to wait for a Hungarian translation, and sometimes the translation quality of those is not so good), and other shows in original language with English subtitles (I need the subtitles even for English shows) unless there aren't any English (or Hungarian) subtitles for the series, then I watch the Hungarian dubbed version if there is one.
  7. 120 inches? Are you sure about that? That's over 3 meters. Don't you mean 120 cm?
  8. For a long time, Requiem was commonly used, which is open source, but the developer abandoned it after version 4.1, which only supports up to iTunes 10.7. It continued to work for a long time as long as you downgraded to iTunes 10.7, but Apple recently disabled 1080p download and playback in iTunes versions older than 11.1, so now Requiem is only able to remove DRM from 720p at most. Thereis a paid app called TunesKit which works with iTunes 12 and 1080p, you can find a cracked version in this thread. Per my explanation there, it losslessly removes DRM from the video and AC3 5.1 audio, however, AAC 2.0 audio is further transcoded to the same lossy AAC format, which means there is some loss in quality, though it's generally not audible. At least for now, Requiem can still be used to extract the AAC audio losslessly, which is mainly a concern if the movie/show doesn't have AC3 audio.
  9. +1 for TunesKit. You can find a cracked version in this thread. Requiem used to be the best, but it requires iTunes 10.7 and 1080p no longer works with that. I don't know whether M4VGear is lossless or not, but TunesKit does perform a lossless decryption at least for the video and the AC3 audio. I suspect the AAC audio may be reencoded though. (See my post in the linked thread for an explanation of how I proved it's lossless.) And it also extracts the subtitles. (You will need to run CCExtractor on the output file if you want the subtitles in SRT format, because none of the players I've tried can handle EIA-608 closed captions other than iTunes itself.) And indeed, iTunes content (other than purchased music) has DRM so regular remuxing tools will not work without decrypting it with another program first.
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