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  1. Nevada approved same sex marriage today... So now, not only do we have one more rainbow state, but we can have drive through gay weddings! Or do we need to wait for those..? Do they need a separate window? How does this work?! It reminds me of a series of joke questions a friend and I kept going for awhile... It's all about the traditions for marriage in general, and how they could be different in a same sex wedding. "Which family is the Bride's family?" "What side does everyone sit on?" "Whose mom gets lead in first?" "Do they lead each other in?" "Which bride gets given away?" "Who's planning this thing!?" There were more, but those are the ones I remember off the top of my head.
  2. I just eat the cookies... I prefer home made chocolate chip over oreos though.
  3. Our cats, and the dog, absolutely love the laser pointer... They know damn well where the red dot comes from, but they love to chase it. The most hilarious thing in the world is watching our big dog pouncing on it, and the cats scattering... Unless you count when one of the cats stands on the button, and then tries to pounce on the dot before it can disappear... Which of course is not possible.
  4. I know exactly what you mean Blue. Though I grew up in a different time, bisexuality has still been frowned upon by many. Mostly because of those who won't commit to a single person because of it, but that really doesn't matter to me. I tried fitting in to the straight community, only to find that there really isn't one... And that Buffy was right. When you sleep with a guy, he really does go all evil. The Kinsey scale gives a fairly accurate accounting of sexuality, though it doesn't factor in things like gender identity. With a 0 being 100% straight, and a 6 being 100% gay, and all numbers in between the two extremes representing varying degrees of bisexuality. A 3 would be perfectly bisexual. With no preference either way. I would place myself at a 4 or 5. Because I always found girls more attractive... I just couldn't bring myself to act on that at the time. I had enough bullying issues as it was! But anyway, the point of mentioning that scale is to show that, there are more numbers between the two extremes... and thus, a significant probability that the majority of people fall somewhere in the bisexual range. 5 out of 7.. Not good odds for the pure straight or pure gay crowd. My favorite argument to shoot down regarding anti-gay comments "The CDC says that the majority of infections occurs among men who have sex with men. It's a gay disease!" To which I reply. "They also say a greater number of infections than that happens among black people. Doesn't that make it a black disease first?" To which I usually get a bunch of racist rage, and then when the first person responds, they completely change the subject. Oh what fun we have on the Yahoo comments.
  5. They make catnip bubbles. I'm not sure how that works... but they sell them at Walmart... Along with laser pointers that you set on the table, and they play with the cat for you. Boring!
  6. .... What the hell? I heard on the radio earlier that the father of the two suspects is claiming that police have the wrong boys, and will be suing over the death of the first one. I'm sorry, but innocent people don't get into shootouts with the cops. They turn themselves in and attempt to clear things up.
  7. I had a dream once where I was in a DBZ fight, and after several minutes I realized that I couldn't use any of the special powers without being able to say their names. Sometimes my dream self talks, most of the time it doesn't. It's weird... lol
  8. Mal and I had Five Guys (George Takei: "Oh my!") Burgers. Double bacon burger with "little" fries and a regular coke. Expensive, but very good.
  9. I think, if men knew that getting caught would result in castration... Rape would virtually disappear from crime statistics very quickly. Other than that, the only way you're going to make the culture learn is to start at the top, make the government start doing something about the problem instead of blaming the victim Yes, blaming the victim is easier. He or she is weaker, more easily intimidated. That's why they were chosen. Empower them by taking their claim seriously, and investigating every single one of them. It won't solve the problem overnight, but it will help.
  10. If you think about sex purely from the mechanics of it, it's all kind of icky. The funny thing about that attitude is that it mostly stems from fantasies about sharing a woman with another woman. Which, if you're dealing with 100% exclusive lesbians, it will never happen. Despite what porn shows you, real lesbians do not like cock. Some women have the same fascination with gay men, for the same reasons, and it doesn't work there either, because as a general rule, gay men don't like pussy. Obviously when you're dealing with the subject on this level, bisexuals come into the equation. And it's true that, with the right personality types involved, those fantasies are possible. But in general? Most prefer a monogamous relationship with a single person of one gender. So those people will just have to keep dreaming. Rights in general have little to do with sex, other than the right to have it, which we all already do. 13 countries, 9 states, and our nation's capital all agree on equal rights. That number will continue to grow, and the world will become a giant rainbow. Then we can tackle silly issues like religious differences, poverty, global hunger, and global cooling. (I know they SAY it's global warming, but if it's warming, why is it so fucking cold!?)
  11. I hope it's true. Because GT never should have happened, and now we might get a decent finale. Personally, I'm hoping that someone else gets a chance to shine as the star instead of Goku. Because while everyone loves the stupid monkey, he's been trying to make someone else take over as the big hero since Cell. It just hasn't worked out because he refuses to stay away.
  12. Congratulations! Now go convict some crack heads.
  13. I've gotten four calls, and 3 texts from people worried about friends and family who were planning to run or attend... I really wish I could help them, but unfortunately, I don't know any of them, or the people they were calling for... So all I could do was inform them that they have the wrong number so that they could try again, and hopefully dial the right one the next time. I don't know who is actually responsible for all of this, but it is a virtual guarantee that heads will roll by the time it is done.
  14. So make it something weak, like Paper Mache, or Raditz. A vampire who hasn't eaten in awhile, or one who doesn't have any of the physical strength/speed a lot of modern vamps get would be cool. The one that hasn't eaten would probably end up devouring at least one member of the gang before or during the big escape though...
  15. Having it be a supernatural thing of some kind could be fun. Probably not a werewolf though, that would just transform and bite the faces off of the whole gang. Aliens can be fun too. You could have it ask the nice one to take it to its ship, and then you have a Witch Mountain type thing going on. Alien supernatural things can be really fun. But not an alien werewolf, because that would probably eat the gang too.
  16. Sipping on an ice cold Orange Citrus mountain dew Kickstart after returning from my morning run. This is gonna be a good day.
  17. You could use one of those accordion style coat racks. Spread it out, screw it to the wall and put the weapons on it.
  18. The only device that I know of that can play MP3s but not WMAs is an ipod... and Itunes would convert the WMAs to the proper format before adding them to it anyway... Or it would just not add them. Either way! I had a lazy day.Other than doing a load of laundry so I'd have something to wear the rest of the week, I haven't done shit.
  19. Black bean vegetarian burgers topped with onions, tomatoes, pepperjack cheese, and ketchup inside a lightly toasted sesame seed bun with a baked potato and green beans on the side.
  20. It always brings a smile to my face when things like that happen. I always have this little voice in my head telling me I'm not doing enough and other things like that... and then the kids come in and make that voice go away. It's a wonderful feeling. I know I'm not perfect, but it's hard to argue with results. Currently waiting for the sun to come out and play so I can go help the nice lady across the street clean up the canal bank behind her fence. Today is gonna be an awesome day.
  21. I think the driving motivations should be getting out of there no matter what... Based on what I've heard from you about your home life, that would be the best thing for you. My day ended on a high note. got a big hug from an old patient who remembered me from when he had his tonsils taken out. This time he was in the waiting room for the maternity ward waiting for his little sister to be born. It was adorable, he had all sorts of questions, and finally wanted to know if I was helping his mommy because I was apparently "The bestest nurse ever."
  22. It snowed here last night... Trade you some snow for some heat? My day has been pretty mellow. Woke up at my normal time, got ready for my morning run, took a look outside, went back in and laid back down. Then I watched Wrestlemania.
  23. Probably the same reason I took spanish (Well, probably not quite the same...) Because Highschool requires 2 years of foreign language, and I didn't want to be bored out of my skull taking Sign language (I already know that one! )
  24. Who's Cooler? Freeza's big brother of course! Sorry, I had to.... And I don't know who the characters you're talking about are... So I'll leave now.
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