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  1. Chakra the Invincible Raju Rai and his mentor, a scientist, develop a suit that possesses the ability to activate the chakras in one's body. The boy then uses the suit to fight villains and protect the city of Mumbai. Season 1 Folder Link- https://mega.nz/#F!C9dmnI6B!yaZ9nEFwGR3J9mw1cRNMqA Thanks @Subhraneel for encoding S1 Episodes from Amazon Prime Season 2 Folder Link-https://mega.nz/#F!L4l2xY5S!C2L7rjwTB5xBg0h9Mema-g Season 3 Folder Link- https://mega.nz/#F!OsNQGDbR!zG69nLE750G0zh2oClHDPw
  2. @Arian can u add BeyBlade Metal Saga HD Episodes Dubbed?

  3. Can u try to upload Shin-Chan Movies HD English Dub or Japanese Raw?

  4. Can u update links of Scooby-Doo and The Jetsons ?

  5. Pokemon Series

    Hello Everyone Do anyone have Pokemon Seasons in 1080p low size under 400 MB? If anyone has please share links I need Season 10-20