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  1. In the past, I tended to use PC for FPS and RPG games, but more actiony stuff I've preferred on console. I find that until the last few years, console or pc was highly dependent on what type of games you preferred to play. That being said, with more and more old and new titles making it to pc, it's becoming something of a moot point with the exception of system specific titles. On a side note, I've noticed more than a few posts in this thread saying how expensive a pc can be to maintain. This is not entirely true. If you get a good system, it can last quite a few years if you keep it running smoothly. I haven't put anything new in my own box since about 2012, and it's still going strong, though maybe next year I will need to upgrade. However, the rub with that is that I do not overclock, which from what I have read, can help shorten the lifespan of some pc parts.
  2. Tera's not bad. It's a more interactive version of WoW I find. Blackdesert is supposed to be pretty good as well, though never tried it myself.
  3. Dawn of War 2 - The last stand. I have more hours clocked into that mode then the rest of the game and multiplayer combined.