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  1. I know quite a few sites and applications which can be used for storing images and documents but not sure which ones are best for storing private documents and image. Can anyone suggest me a few sites for storing private documents and images?
  2. Pa1

    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Fall 2017

    Inuyashiki: Last Hero
  3. Pa1

    How did you guys found kametsu?

    They just have a great reputation for dual audio releases everywhere, so I checked them out on AniDB and found this site. And I was taken aback when I joined this site, since they have the finest quality releases that I don't think can be found elsewhere. I'm glad that I joined this community.
  4. Pa1

    Nozomi Aria Upscale Screenshots

    I haven't watched the show yet. But, I do have sally's 720p BD release. I'll gladly wait for HTT to release ARIA.
  5. Pa1

    Nozomi Aria Upscale Screenshots

    I was going to grab Sally's release but now I don't see a point in downloading it. Is there any good release of ARIA out there?
  6. As a shady fan I'm pretty much excited for his new album. Is here anyone,who is waiting for his new album? "Revival is the upcoming ninth studio album by American rapper Eminem, scheduled for release through Aftermath Entertainment, Shady Records and Interscope Records." Source:- Wiki
  7. Gintama is the funniest anime I've ever seen.
  8. It's working fine now. Thank you guys, for helping me out.
  9. Do I have to put anything else besides this in mpv.conf file? "--screenshot-format=png --screenshot-png-compression=9"
  10. Do I have to add anything else besides this in conf file? And about its directory. Where do I place it ? I placed it in "C:\Users\Pawan Shah\AppData\Roaming\mpv" and its not working.
  11. It's not that I'm jumping to mpv. I just want to learn to take screenshots in PNG format in mpv player.
  12. I'm using windows 8.1. And after MPC announced their last release, I think mpv is a great alternative.