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  1. By the way, started new pain medication today, hope this one doesn't have the crazy side-effects the last one had. Wish me luck! I need it! Please let this work!
  2. How can someone not love Tom Jones!
  3. You have to use those things on a regular basis or otherwise they crap out on you... I feel kind of happy for that toothbrush, he is free now from the torture he went through. Just imagine having to go through what he went through. Wow! He just couldn't take it anymore. Be free little buddy, be free. Yeah! He went there! Get your nails out, it's a catfight! Miauw!!!!!! For some reason I have that song from Rush Hour in my head. What it is a good for, absolutely nothing, say it again, WAH HUH JAAH Was that the legend Tom Jones? I love that guy! He has some awesome music.
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    Miauw!!! Purrr!!! What!? I am a wolf! You made me spin like a cat. How is it possible. What happened! You siren! Stop this instant! Welcome @NopeNope! If one nope isn't enough, just add one... It's like a new Pokémon! *Coughs up a hairball* What have you done to me! @Pizza Cat!
  5. Who? What? Who dares summon me?! Awakening me from my slumber! For no reason! First they do it to Catar and now they do it to me. You are playing a dangerous game son!
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    At the moment, nothing, I am also a wreck at the moment. Best thing is to let someone else answer it. But to be honest, you then always get people who are mentally healthy and stable who have no problems at all giving advice who don't even know what kind of shit we deal with, know what I mean? Same with mental professionals, I had tons, and it always ends in the same way, they just don't know what the fuck they are doing because they don't understand. They shove you full of medication that is scientifically known to not work on most people but is most of the time a placebo effect with huge side-effects. Psychiatry is just making your finger wet and holding it up in the air and it sucks! Guesswork. I love psychology and what it can do but the forms it has taken in the masses is just horrible. And most current forms of treatments are based on making you as "normal" as possible, not looking at the qualities a person has and working with that but just alienating anything that is slightly abnormal which is just total bullshit. It makes me so freaking angry. And as I have told before, if you have comorbid problems, you will just be left at the sidelines. People like giving advice, about your health, "You should exercise more!", "You should eat better", "You should put all your effort in finding a job" and so on but they are not in your state of mind. They don't know how you feel. They are doing great, get up every day with a smile on their face, look in the mirror and are happy. Most of these people get everything thrown into their laps. And they give advice, I am a polite person but I really want to just say: "Go fuck yourself you wise-ass, you wouldn't last a fucking day in my mind and body, who do you think you are for giving advice, sit down and be fucking humble and show some respect! People have opinions, people judge, they don't know how it feels. I dare them to live in our shoes for a few days. Only advice I can give you my friend, fight on, it never gets easier, it only gets harder. Life is a bitch. Just keep smiling as much as you can, stay positive and fuck what people think and say. You and the ones you can really trust and love are the only important ones. That is the rawest advice anyone can give you. You always have to do it alone in the end, nobody is going to hold your hand and say everything is going to be okay, that only happens in the movies. This is real life and it's as hard as a rock. Good luck my man! Hope things will soon get better for you! And I really mean it. Not like other people that say it and move on with their lives like nothing happened, my thought are with you my man! Edit: New question: Who makes you laugh the most! I like pugs (shocker!). They just make me laugh. Also, Spongebob and Patrick are always a great one. My biggest guilty pleasure is watching people get hurt. I know, horribly! I love seeing people walk against a clearly visible glass, it cracks me up just thinking about it. I am now laughing out loud having stomach cramps. I remember as a kid sitting in front of a travel agency which was all glass and they were cleaning the windows. It was very hot and me and a friend were sitting there all hot and bothered and the sun was shining just right and this woman came out of the shop next to it and thought the doors were open and BAAAAMM! right on her bum! I never laughed so hard in my life. The girl in the shop was laughing so hard, it was sad really for the girl but it was so funny how she reacted and fell. I am such a terrible person for laughing at that but it's just a guilty pleasure. I love it! After that, multiple people did it and I just had the time of my life. I even had a headache and a stomach ache from the laughing. Reminds me of sitting in front of the window when there was ice at my grandparents flat and people would come around the corner with their bikes and BAAAAMMM!! And me and my brother would laugh our asses off. So much fun! Good old days! What fun we had! Simple times! Like seeing those skateboarding kids on those funniest home videos. I am always like: "You wanted to skateboard huh, BAAAMMMM! Hihi!". My grandpa would almost choke when he saw those videos. Deep inside, I am an evil person Literally my dream job, pranking people.
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    Both! Let's make it a nice rant I don't like meat and fish, also a reason why I am a vegetarian (main reason my love for nature of course). Otherwise, most things aren't that awful. My migraine medication is horrible, I have to inhale it through the nose and then it comes in the mouth and it stays for like 15 minutes and it sucks! You also have cough medicine that just tastes like crap and some that is quite nice. For the older people among us, that blubber stuff is horrible what they gave you when you where sick in the past! That is by far the most disgusting thing ever! I also had apples that tasted like shit. Kiwi is also quite rancid. And I can't drink coffee or milk, it just tastes disgusting. Have tried learning to drink it, but I really start puking when I drink it. As a kid I didn't like any vegetables at all but now, I don't mind them at all. Strange how that works, they literally made me puke. It wasn't necessarily the vegetables but the potatoes, I also hated french fries. I still don't really like french fries that much but have learned to eat them. I remember this kid at my school who didn't like chocolate. He really had to puke when he tasted it, and as the awful kids we were, we tested it . Was so strange. How can you not like chocolate?
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    Amen! Mostly in bed with pain and feeling like shit. Pancakes all the way! New question! What is your least favorite thing to eat?
  9. Welcome: @syak90 @Aanok @Aboo612 @darthtron64 Enjoy this great community!
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    New guy

    Welcome @manchild!
  11. Crap! Goku! It's one of those Dragon Ball hunters again! GET READY!!!!! Welcome @sonmaix!
  12. Oh crap, they will find me now and send my pretty ass to prison! I won't last a second in prison, just look at me: See, they even make toys of me! A better angle just after I had my hair done: In the end, orange does make me look thinner I believe. So that's a plus
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    Who is your most hated person?
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    Hi All

    Welcome @lunac73!
  15. Welcome @ipurbeltz & @zxcdsaqwe!
  16. Welcome @tiwill14! Enjoy your stay here!
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    Howdy @Partner420! Welcome to this awesome community!
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    hello all

    Welcome @Mrathb! Maybe @Koby or @Catar can answer your question. I don't really download that much anime. Hope one of them can help you, they are quite busy people. If nothing happens, you can always just ask on the forums. Not a lot of people read these messages so you will have more luck there. Anyway, good luck and welcome to this great community!
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    Welcome @Xirix! Enjoy this great community!
  20. Welcome: @Wyrr! @Geeram! @Deathcat! @kii! @meowchin! Have an awesome time!
  21. I tried. Didn't work. Shut down my computer, pulled out the cord and other cords, opened my window and threw it out, laughing maniacally while saying "Who's watching who now huh punk!". I saw it land on the ground shattering into pieces. But then... I turned around... And there my computer was again, plugged in, all cords back in place, screen on, with Word open with the text: "I AM BITCH!". From then on I knew, it was useless, there was no going back... When I installed Windows 10, I sold my soul to the devil when accepting all those user agreements. They try and lie to you by giving you all those options but it's all fake. I went to the local priest, he says he uses Windows 10 in the church... THEY EVEN HAVE TAKEN OVER CHURCH!!!! Nowhere is safe! NOWHERE! But I am going to try one last thing. Hihi, he will never see it commmmmmmggmmggmgmggmgmgmgmgmgm #########module1 complete THREAT TERMINATED... 101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101
  22. It makes me laugh how petty and sad some people often are. They think stuff hurts me but in reality, it only makes me feel important to them. The more hate people show you and the more time people invest in hating you, the more important you are. You are really something if someone puts that much effort and time in you. I really don't give a rat's ass and they keep investing time and think for some reason it is destroying you and really want to. Waste of time if you ask me, better spent loving family, friends and living life to the fullest because it can be over in an instant. Yoda said it the best: "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering"
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