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  1. TunaTunie

    Japanese vs. American Animation

    The animation nowadays really sucks in my opinion, anything from 2000 and up, the only cartoons i like after that are the adult cartoons from adult swim and foxs animation dimination.
  2. TunaTunie

    Japanese vs. American Animation

    Spongebob really? you must be from the new age u must have not grown upp with the classics then,.... I can tell u my 13 year old brother loves spongebob but he was born 2004, 15 years after me. I guess it all depends on your era. I can tell you it doesn "fucking suck" aha
  3. TunaTunie

    Japanese vs. American Animation

    Looks like an older thread but id have to disagree with most. If you think American cartoons are for youngers kids; then watch some adult cartoons, adult networks like Fox's animation domination, and the adult swim network. I can tell you those cartoons are hilarious and Mature as well. I do like some anime like attack on titan and space dandy and cowboy bebop, but most of those are shown on adult swim network anyways. And those younger kids cartoons are just classics from the 80s and 90s that are awesome.
  4. hey buddy could you put the links up for lucas bros moving co if you dont mind? the links for mega are dead. it would be awesome if you could thanks alot bro

    1. testing123


      Because people are fucking assholes, Tooncore doesn't look like he's returning to the forum to post his content. Shit sucks but people are to blame for it.

    2. TunaTunie


      wow thats too bad. your content is awesome Tooncore!

    3. Arian


      @testing123 It isn't entirely the people, it's also the file hosts being copyright nazis. My account got taken down without any copyright claims being made

  5. hey buddy is there a mega link for ep 4-16 of goof troop?

  6. I hear alot of the orignal voice actors will be included in this new series of duck tales!!!