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  1. OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

    Watched a few episodes today. I was glad to see it seems to be a pretty decent show.
  2. Cartoon Network is Reairing the old Teen Titans

    Pretty sure they're airing in HD, and it is in the U.S. Or at least the other day Trouble in Tokyo aired and it was in HD (granted that's a movie). But as the previous commenter said, some kind folks have already uploaded them in HD for us!
  3. Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    Because it's name isn't "Teen Titans Go".
  4. Which Studio Ghibli films are worth watching?

    I'd second the Kaguya recommendation. Howl's Moving Castle is a personal favorite of mine as well, partially due to my political persuasion admittedly. Either way, a fine piece o' work. <3
  5. Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Finally watched the first 2 seasons of Log Horizon. I really regret waiting so long to listen to my cousin's recommendation, I really liked it. T_T
  6. PC vs Console gaming

    PCs for FPS and superior ports & mods, but consoles usually draw me in because they historically were better for just getting to the games and feeling more secure that you had the physical copy (ignoring if this makes sense or not). Of course, the last generation or 2 has kind of screwed that advantage over, seeing as consoles are now basically junior PCs with none of the versatility of the real thing. I guess really I'm PC + Nintendo hardware, but I'm also liable to bust out lots of older consoles since I've got them rigged up by RGB to an Extron switcher and an upscaler to my LED TV. Makes playing older games hella fun, especially with proper scanlines, rgb and surround sound. Speaking of which, time for some SNES, lol
  7. The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra

    I think ATLA was a better production all around. It had its plot and themes pretty well set, even in the first episode (although it really hit its stride at the end of season 1). Season 2 was the best for me, and I still really enjoyed season 3 and the ending. Korra had its issues (ending was fine to me), and at least some of those I suspect were issues relating to Nickelodeon (hell, releasing season 4 online doesn't exactly scream confidence imo). However, I would hardly say Korra is bad, just a bit inconsistent in the quality (mostly in the quality of how the story was constructed, aesthetics and soundtrack were well done). Season 2 was the worst of it for me.
  8. Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    Steven Universe - I've been behind for ages because life can suck. I can't help but laugh how some people were saying the series was dying... because of a 3 episodes downtime from the action. Anyway, I think it's pretty great all around. Kim Possible - Started rewatching the series back on January. Holds up surprisingly well imo (and thank y'all for the HD widescreen uploads). The VA is a joy, as good as I remembered. Star vs. - Pretty decent, but I couldn't really get into it very well until the end of season 1. Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld - I really wish this could have been made into a true miniseries (although the shorts are still fun). I love the aesthetics, it just ends so soon... like there's literally 10 minutes of content I think. Generator Rex - I fell away from this during the original broadcast in season 2 because I went off to college. Not too bad, although I'm not liking the direction of the last arc.
  9. [MEGA] Cartoon Network City

    Woah, awesome collection! Seems like a lot of work, but I can benefit from your hard work by enjoying some old bumpers I loved.