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  1. I found out I have severe pancreatic cancer, that has already gotten to my liver, and have at best a few months to live.  I am sorry I will not be able to help maintain this forum with my tomes again, but
    I wanted to say goodbye.


    I will try to check in from time to time while I am still here, but this is the worst form of cancer it seems and I have the worst variant of it, so time is not on my side.


    Take care and be well everyone, ad treat this forum as the precious place it truly is.



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    2. YukinoAi


      Thank you for letting us know. I hope you can some peace with your loved ones during this difficult period.

    3. IkarosBD


      @Bluenoser I might not have known you personally, but regardless, this is not easy news to take even for me. Cancer really sucks :( :( :(


      As Koby said, don't worry about the forum. Everyone here - especially those that personally knew you well - will keep you in their hearts. Focus on your family, right now that's the most important thing for you.


      I sincerely hope you're able to live out the remainder of your life in peace and comfort with your family.

    4. SPIKE1989


      I'm incredibly sorry. I'm wishing you peace and comfort. and thank you for all the amazing work you've done helping to maintain this forum.  you'll be greatly missed.