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  1. Did Firehouse Tales ever aired in Canada ?

    1. dangerousvhs


      I haven't heard of it.

  2. Can you please upload your Mighty Hercules episodes here? Would be awesome if you can do that. 

  3. I have an surprise for you, stay tuned.

  4. Mmm... Sended you a PM at PTP. 

  5. Hey... I wonder if you still have the raw AVI or MP4 of Donner (2001) ? I want to upload it to Passthepopcorn to complete the list of ABC Family Original Movies. 



    1. dangerousvhs


      I should. I'll dig it out and upload it when I can.

    2. GordonQuid
  6. Can you please get The Save-Ums dubbed in French from Telemagino? 



  7. Dangerousvhs, a question, if Corus have any plans to bring back Braceface on television (reruns), do you think that the show might be fitting on ABC Spark ? Disney Channel Canada and Disney XD Canada are good choices as well. 


    If the Teletoon would air the show in 2018, then it would be at 5:00 AM... When did the show was last seen on Canadian television (in reruns?) ? 

    1. dangerousvhs


      I'd say BBC Kids was out last hope of seeing old Nelvana shows on Canadian TV. They largely stopped selling shows to other channels in favour of rerunning them forever (but only when they feel like it) on the Corus channels, which have pretty bad upscaling on HD content. I don't know when the last time Braceface was on Canadian TV.


      (Around a year ago 6Teen randomly was on Disney Channel for about 5 seconds.)

    2. GordonQuid


      Oh okay. Wait 6Teen was on Disney Channel Canada? O_o ABC Spark is rerunning Student Bodies currently. 

  8. Do you have by any chance Teletoon tapes from 2001-2004 ?

    1. dangerousvhs


      I have a few but not much that's interesting.

  9. Do you know if any of the Crocodile Dundee films aired on Family in the past ? 


    I really want to see one of them opening with the old "Closed Captioning For The Following Program Is Brought To You By Family.ca! Log On To Join Click Club!" (or in later years, "Closed Captioning For The Following Program Is Brought To You By Family.ca! Click For Games, Contests And Fun Stuff!") ID from the 2000s following the "The Following Program Is Rated PG, We Suggest Parental Guidance For Younger Viewers" ID. 

    1. dangerousvhs


      I have a small number of Family recordings from that era but none of those movies.

  10. I sended you a PM. If you wanna go check it out :)

    1. DJStarfish


      @GordonQuid I wonder if you can rip Furiki Wheels in French from France 4. Because I want to see this show, but it hasn't been announced either any Canadian channel. If you rip them all, please PM me.

    2. GordonQuid


      Okay i will send you some episodes.

  11. Can you get the French dub of Endangered Species from Teletoon Français and Disney la Chaîne ?

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    2. GordonQuid


      I download them from France 4's website.

    3. GordonQuid


      I will try to upload some to my MEGA later BTW...

    4. GordonQuid


      Sended you a PM with the French Unikitty episodes i got today.

  12. GordonQuid

    Rip closed captioning from TV?

    I have good amount of movies capped off channels like GetTV and the CC extract works well...
  13. GordonQuid

    Rip closed captioning from TV?

    CCExtractor GUI You don't use it ?