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  1. Here is a x265 1080p blu-ray rip. Just purchased a blu-ray drive earlier this morning and got to ripping. Hope it is enjoyed!
  2. No problem. I did encode it to x265 after downloading but it seems to have done fine. It's not a blu-ray rip but... it's enough to hold over till one is released!
  3. Redeemed digital code and grabbed the digital download. Re-encoded (I guess that's proper terms?) in to x265. Uploading to mega now, will be up in roughly a hour. edit: unless this isnt the proper place to post... edit:edit: Gonna post in dubbed
  4. Never heard of ADC. Bought the blu earlier but don't have a drive to rip >.> Can redeem digital code though. Anyone want to walk me through how to rip from a UV source or iTunes?
  5. Hey everyone! Just wanted to get a chance to introduce myself. Hope everyone is having a great night!