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  1. Haven't been on in a couple of days. Read what Ikaros wrote and it was beautiful. Glad that things are starting to look like they are getting back to normal!

  2. Looks like ADC is alive! Just... struggling. Which I understand, Life can be tough. They're asking for donations to their PP to get back up.

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    2. jhoopes517


      @DigiPokeMon True. Which sucks cause I won't be able to get my own copy till the 7th. >.>


      No access to U2 either. Only Anime trackers I am in on is (AT, ADC, and ANS)

    3. jhoopes517
    4. DigiPokeMon


      You going to encode it ?



  3. Would be nice to finally get that coveted ADC invite.

  4. Damn, I'd love to get in on this AB love. That or ADC. Been hearing I can get some mighty fine looking bdmv's there. I'm a member of AnT and pHD. Couple other general but that's about it. Had a MySpleen for a couple days, can't access no more. Dunno why.
  5. Hey everyone! Just wanted to get a chance to introduce myself. Hope everyone is having a great night!
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