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  1. Miss, the channel of Cartoon NetworkEps posted the episode pilot de Steven Universe and posted some episodes in Sing Alone, you think you could make a WebRip of the pilot?
    Here the Link:


    1. D876
    2. Dulus_No



      Maybe it will have better quality (without chroma ghosting).

  2. Hey! Do you have the channel Boomerang? it's because it will pass movie ''Billy and Mandy Underfist Halloween Bash'' on Wednesday 1:30AM (Night) and I was wondering if you could record the movie, If you can, I'll be grateful.

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    2. Akai-Shuichi


      @Badman Boomerang doesn't actually have an HD feed for the US channel.

    3. Badman


      It's listed as channel 829 on my TV

    4. Badman


      You have to pay extra for it

  3. Already passed the episode or going to pass??

  4. Aliq You have Steven Universe Pilot in HD 1080p or 720p? and Billy and Mandy episodes with Subtitles? (CC)

  5. Hey you have some shorts of Steven Universe in audio dd5.1?

    1. Kii-lon


      Hmm...looking at my shorts that I have previously uploaded...no I don't have DD5.1 in them.
      I don't know if the iTunes releases of Steven Universe come with DD5.1 but if they do, I'll ask RainbowCrash if he can kindly provide the shorts with DD5.1! =)

      [RainbowCrash btw is the awesome friend who rips and does all the Steven Universe iT00NZ episodes! Yup! ^^]


      Anyways sorry to disappoint ya.
      May I ask, do the main SU iTunes releases come with DD5.1?
      If not then there's nothing I can do about it but if they do then

      i'll ask RC about it!


      Anyways see ya Sour Cream dude.

    2. Vila


      Sorry for drop in randomly but SU isn't 5.1 native. I know this since I have a 5.1 home theater, and even though the HD channel upscale the audio to 5.1 it still just "fake". Samurai Jack is in 5.1 tho 

  6. You have some shorts of Steven Universe in audio dd5.1?

    1. Raven


      I've never downloaded any Steven Universe you might want to try @Kii-lon



    2. Sour Cream
  7. You have the episode "the complication" (The Amazing World of Gumball) in audio dd5.1?

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    2. Sour Cream

      Sour Cream

      Thanks! You have ''The wicked"  and a ''The uncle"?

    3. Dulus_No


      The Wicked (from iT00NZ/Mr.Waddles post):



      EPISODE 417-418 - The Hug / The Wicked



      The Uncle:



    4. Sour Cream
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