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  1. What got you into anime, and kept you there?

    When I was a kid there was this channel that aired anime 24/7, and I was addicted to it. I used to watch anime like Dragon Ball, Digimon, Pokemon, My Daddy Long Legs, Remi, Nobody's Girl, Yu-Gi-Oh and so much more. But I stopped when I got tired of TV and their repeated shows, 3 years ago or something, I decided to start watching anime once again. The first anime I watched after years of not watching anime, was Death Note, I loved it so much I binged-watched the show in 48 hours. Then I stopped for a while again, and after few months I started watching again with SAO, then I tried watching Tokyo Ghoul but I stopped in the third episode because I couldn't keep up with reading the subs and Tokyo Ghoul wasn't dubbed then. After a year or 8 months, I started again Re-watched SAO, Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, Yu-Gi-Oh, and started watching different shows like Elfen Lied, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Howl's Moving Castle, and some other anime I can't remember. Then I met a friend in an Online game I was playing called Silkroad, and he happen to be a die-hard Otaku. He recommended a lot of shows, and ever since I have been watching anime, and I just went to my very first Anime Convention last week.