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  1. Well im not really new since ive been here for a while lol
  2. I say move on , no point in trying if things just dont seem yo work, and whay rikuo said is rlly helpful otherwise.
  3. Online co-op is laggy imo ppls keep disconnecting
  4. ive never heard the ''precipe of defeat'' :S i like alot but my fave has to be ''after dark''
  5. lol why? how old are you?

  6. I must be ancient then. xD

  7. it was fun thnx lol, tho i feel old now beeing 18 :C

  8. Phft, of course! How was your day?

    Was it made of awesome? : D

  9. hey thanks alot for the happy bday :D

  10. Hey i have a favor , can you upload naruto 111-140 if possible 150+ avi or mp4 pls? all i can do is make you an icon and sig set if you want ^^ thx

  11. put some links up on the naruto shippuden if you want to download...

  12. im watching bleach,naruto,code geass.....the best....^^
  13. i like ichigo and rukia better......
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