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  1. So my college network uses Cyberoam to block stuff. And just today it decided to add nyaa.si to the fucking list. nyaa.se wasn't banned before. si used to work fine since all this time. Heck even HorribleSubs which used to be banned works. But most importantly it doesn't have a mirror while other popular torrent sites do. Now have to use some proxy site everytime. While Nyaa is the bookmark I've visited the most, and frequent daily. What pain.

    1. emjay911
    2. Koby


      Heh, I was on Walmart wifi today and got told Anidex was blocked due to "pornography". Anyhow easy way around those blocks is to just use AnimeTosho, which has "torrent download" option listed too with it hosted on their server so that you can still get it. Otherwise use a browser proxy or VPN.

    3. Spectrum


      There's lots of uploaders which don't upload to anidex.
      Animetosho is banned xD
      VPN, Proxy extension just for single website is effort. Using online proxy website to access it.

  2. Was looking forward to Saiki S2
    Welp no simul/fansub

    1. Inverti


      I mean, the dub could pop up later on. We'll see.

  3. Spectrum

    Storage Solution's ?

    That's not the actual size. It's just a network drive you get for installing Drive File Stream where you can access your Google Drive like a mounted drive.
  4. Spectrum

    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Summer 2017

    Owarimonogatari 2nd Season - 10/10
  5. Still no Kuroko Blu-Ray T.T

    1. Nabull


      Kuroko no Basket S1&2 are available on Blu-ray 

    2. Spectrum


      Talking about Last Game movie obviously. It's date was same as SAO movie

  6. Spectrum

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Rewatched Hataraku Maou-sama