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  1. Great info will do. It is another alternative as well but it still would be nice to *search and find the newest index, because i'm sure some are outdated, I think the ones that have had the most recent post get sent to the top not the ones with the most recent update am I correct? I read what he said thanks Moodkiller .
  2. Weird it doesn't say that, it says sorry, there is a problem... you would think it would say sorry you made a search attempt too many times please wait. I made two search attempts within 30 seconds .... and I got this error. Does this mean I need to wait 30 seconds per search attempt? Also sometimes just getting to the right forum and then attempting to search makes me wait 15 seconds before my first search.
  3. No I didn't Its the same error Fishmonster gets. It happens a lot during the first forum keyword search, I got this error for searching twice. Sorry, there is a problem Please wait 25 seconds before attempting another search Error code: 1C205/3 Contact Us It also asks me to contact Us I did send a message through there as well.
  4. Yeah your absolutely right It happens all the time even with my first search I think browsing the pages act as searching the forum so then when I actually go to search it gives me the error.
  5. Hey guys just thought it would be fun to put together a little vote on what ecchi do you think is best of this list :). The list below will obviously not have hentai and will only be ones that have been dubbed so sorry no Seikon No Qwaiser. Rules: You can only choose one of the choices below. Just type the name or number of your choice . Feel free to comment whatever you want, I would like to hear your top ten overall ecchi. None of these are categorized from best to worst they are just thrown down. votes votes Votes 1 : High School DXD- (0) 9: Demon King Daimo (0) | 17: Kanokon (0) 2: Rosario + Vampire - (0) 10: Shuffle (0) |18: Maken-Ki! (0) 3: High School of the Dead (2) 11: Dance in the vampire bund (0) |19: Queen's Blade (0) 4: Sekirei - (0) 12: Keijo!!! (0) |20: Bikini Warriors. (0) 5: Heaven's Lost Property (0) 13: Freezing (0) 6: Is this a Zombie? (0) 14: Ikkitousen (0) 7: Hanagai (1) 15: Absolute Dou (0) 8: Shimoneta a Boring World .. ect.. (0) 16: Girls Bravo (1) After writing all that I was like there had to be a better way then to number them manually.... yup stupid me anyway its not neat but whatever. Also I know that i'm missing a lot, but hey good enough list if you have one you like better do tell.
  6. It would have been best if he did say his type of likes but I guess he likes it all XD. Off the top of my head I haven't got many in mind but ... -Trickster Didn't watch the asterisk war yet but it looks promising -The asterisk wars -the fantasy of grimgar... or something If you didn't watch seraph of the end vampire reign its (Mostly) really good -Seraph of the end vampire reign -Shimoneta a boring world where..... Its very funny lol entertaining -Snow white with red hair - Really good. -Tales of zestria x - first season was good waiting on second to be finished -Solty Rei - just finished its somewhat new I liked it. -Welcome to the NHK-- My gawd if I don't know if I was feeling sad that day or what but by the end I was begging it to be over because It made me feel so worthless. Then again would be better to know what you were into before I listed anything. I have a lot jotted down so I can help further if you want. If you want a good site for browsing anime here > http://www.anime-planet.com/anime/all?en_dub=1 just click tags and add whatever you want based on your mood. Ps. I know I mainly suggested fantasy but that was merely off the top of the head and I really liked them
  7. Even though it is old I really enjoyed CardCaptor Sakura while I was young about your child's age. http://www.anime-planet.com/anime/all?name=CardCaptor sakura&en_dub=1 Just realized this topic is extremely old and the poster has only posted once. Well whatever for someone else looking for the same thing.
  8. Hello, I have a feeling why there is a limit to how many times you can click the search button before it makes you wait, it is to stop the site from being spammed right? Could it actually be a real error something wrong with the search system? I find it really difficult only being able to search 3 times I think per 30 second period especially when you are just trying to get the keywords right to find something in specific. I know i'm new here and have no seniority just wondering if the limit ( if it is a limit) can be doubled and if not can be fix. Thanks.
  9. @ragnawind Thanks but that icon wasn't there before.... weird.
  10. Really I still cannot find the button, hate being a noob, honestly there is no button there perhaps a picture of where it is located?
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