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  1. Seriously
  2. I see!, your sentiment!, it's clear!
  3. Wow, a new season, great, yeah greaat
  4. Too violent for you, you've just been "claymored"
  5. Seriously, if you keep that up u might have a heart attack or lose your mind, cause there are a lot of anime that shouldn't just be watched
  6. I stopped watching anime from jan 2013 to jan 2016 due to family issues. It was actually easier than I thought { of course I miss it dearly}, started watching again in 2016 feb until dec 2016 when i stopped again because I was preparing for national exams.
  7. Sucks for you
  8. No game no life made me puke, it was so bad, that am still trying to understand why it's so hyped. Then the eccentric family, i had to force myself to watch the remaining last episode
  9. No problem
  10. Maria holic. It was just unbelievable and absurd. I had to watch it because my sister was watching it. Very horrible experience. And there is this other one about lesbian girls in an all girls Catholic school , it was all about the student council pres giving a new junior girl "the hibeee-jibby", it was plain nightmare,a lot worse than Maria holic. unfortunately I don't remember the name, not that i want to.
  11. I totally disagree, FLCL is one of the best anime ever made. Had a unique and undiluted story, animation, and great music. There!
  12. Right on point mate, but ending salvaged the whole s*** hahahaha!!!!, and made it sorta satisfying.