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  1. What makes you think there will be a season 2
  2. Are You serious
  3. I do, and the limit is still here
  4. Said who, i hit the bandwidth limit just 2 weeks ago. How much do you even download.
  5. I nominate attack on titan s2, since it is the only spring 2017 anime I watched
  6. Why should you pay for VPN when you could just subscribe for 1tb bandwidth for 5$
  7. You need cough syrup to stay alive, people do die from cough
  8. I lost 2 really nice and pretty girls like that when I was in secondary school, i was too shy, stupid and childish to make it work, Yeah it sucks.
  9. Ummm' there's nothing like that where I come from
  10. Pls tell him, you can't leave your life giving excuses
  11. Guys, i got a y usb otg cable that you can connect to external power, i have been using it for like 2 months now with my external hdd on my phone , but on Monday I tried to use it to copy files of my phone to the hdd, but immediately i plugged it into my phone my phone started charging, i unplugged it and plugged it back and at that instance my phone powered off and refused to power on i had to go repair it for about 15 $ [according to the exchange rate] i don’t have a job and that is a lot where I come from. I ordered a powered USB hub, i am scared to try again, my laptop is broken and i don’t want to lose my phone, as i can't replace it and of course it is a stupid way to lose a phone.
  12. Not really, countries higher in the ranking got more tedious education system
  13. So get a job, it will give you a sense of independence
  14. Yeah, i have seen the movie, it's about Some engineering students So are an Indian
  15. What da, you guys are messing with your health, i just hope your lack of sleep didn't affect your growth potential