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  1. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    It's Christmas... Have you heard anything from the guy who's "getting everything together"?
  2. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    You have no idea how badly people want their dbz (4:3) properly upscaled in 1080p...
  3. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    I've heard of projects like these getting transferred over to someone else. But any clue as to where/when to look for a release?
  4. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    Are these servers private, inactive, or something of that nature? Is there a roadblock that the project has run into? Does the team want to hold off until a massive release? Has the project been dropped?
  5. Dragonball Super Dub (Funimation)

    Will Funimation dub the episode previews for the blu-ray release?