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    Some scooby on link on the island of zombies 1080p ?

  2. The Fairly OddParents is at high risk of cancellation by Nickelodeon. The suspicion comes from the fact that new episodes of the series have been moved to the NickToons channel in the United States, as announced by Nick and More. In the history of Nickelodeon, all series that had their premieres moved to the secondary channel (NickToons) was canceled. The suspicion is even greater when we look at the ratings of the 10th season of the series, which shows a significant drop over the past seasons. Even the series animation style changed in the middle of the season, and switched digital painting flash animation, supposedly cheapening production costs. The situation is worrying, since it compares the failure of recent seasons of Fairly OddParents with newcomer The Loud House, which is already considered successful and has a high number of fans, and the new season of SpongeBob has scored high audience ratings. The future of the series is uncertain, and Nickelodeon has not yet made any announcement about, but at the moment the most likely is that the series has its last episodes aired in NickToons and be canceled, as well as with other designs of nick that were moved to brother channel as Invader Zim, One Teenage Robot, El Tigre, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Sheen Planet, TUFF Puppy, and Harvey Beaks.
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