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  1. X-Men: Days Of Future Past! Great movie!!
  2. Ha, I need to get past gym 8 and the Elite Four before I can do anything competitive, but I'll definitely pm you when it gets to that point. Oh wow, it certainly has. After my initial high activity on Kametsu I kind of stopped posting. I've checked back every once in a while but haven't been good at posting every time. I'm glad to be recognized!!
  3. So I just got my 3DS along with Bravely Default and Pokemon Y and have very few close friends that own a 3DS for FC swapping. So would anyone like to be my online friend? Nintendo 3DS FC: 2251-6109-1984 Share your FC here so I can add you as well. It only works when both people add .
  4. PersocomLover


    Let me see if I can explain some things. The way "The Internet" is delivered to your computer is by a series of "hops" (other servers passing data to the next stop). Servers along the way can see some of the data transferred (IE metadata). A VPN is a connection to a specific server that routes your data so it appears all requests come from there rather than your computer. This traffic is all encrypted in a way that only you, the website you are visiting, and the VPN can see your data. So make sure the VPN is trustworthy before signing up to use their service. The data is still going through your modem like normal, just when you are using a VPN it has to make an extra stop (and maybe a longer trip depending on where the VPN is located) so your download speed will ALWAYS be slower than without using a VPN, but that's the cost of security. Hopefully I helped explain some things.
  5. I've had the game since launch, but admittedly I have only played it once for a few hours then never found the time to get back to playing it. >_< I want to play it, I just don't for whatever reason. Would you help a n00b online?
  6. Sadly it seems this filebox.com website no longer exists.
  7. Perhaps I'll post more often. Who knows?

    1. poetictragedy
    2. DeathTheKid
    3. lemmingllama


      It is addicting. Plus activity begets activity, gives us more chances to post as well

  8. Personally, I enjoy dancing along with the intro and closing themes and actually prefer them attached to each episode. Which is funny because I tend to marathon through series so I'm just hearing the same songs over and over. I like the format even if the overall story of each episode seems cut a little short.
  9. I actually found out about this anime through a lunch table discussion in High School and that was back when it was only half dubbed. I generally prefer to watch my anime dubbed, but once I started watching I couldn't just stop where it wasn't dubbed and wait. I kept watching through the whole series and loved every bit of it. It deserves the hype it gets.
  10. Angel Beats 10/10! Hilarious and action packed with the most lovely ending to put anyone in tears. Absolutely beautiful.
  11. Welp, Chobits is my all time favorite, so of course I'm voting for it. =D
  12. happy birthday man, hows it going?

  13. Happy birthday, Pesrocom

  14. Happy Birthday dude. How've you been these days?

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