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  1. Under 2 hours for the Funi release of AoT S3? Can't wait! Oh and Im not watching some crappy toonami cap. I care about quality unlike some ;)

    1. Inverti


      It's a good thing that Funirips don't have that hideous Adult Swim watermark at the bottom right of the screen.

  2. So, I will now be adding the signs and songs track to my HiDIVE rips. Don't expect any styling, I don't have time for that.

    1. Koby


      Did you figure out how to rip the subs without the issues or manually fixing them?

    2. Golumpa


      Yeah, just need to convert them using ffmpeg then after that run it through a batch script I have.

  3. Any chance of you ripping Urashiman from HiDive?

    1. Golumpa


      Its unlikely 

    2. gamerpigeon


      Ah Okay. Thanks for the reply.

  4. Gotta love them blushing nekos

  5. Not even sure this will be valid and I will likely be the only person on this site who has probably even seen this short movie... Caterpillar of Rags (Kemushi no Boro)
  6. Not sure what FUNimation is up to as today's releases doesn't have a Layer10
  7. Just a quick heads up that funimation has started changing the layers and there is now a layer10 on new episodes such as CHAOS;CHILD that is closer to to the old Layer9. Not entirely sure what they have done but my Layer9 download had a bitrate of 8000~ now instead of the usual 9500~
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