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  1. Working on beating Castlevania: Curse of Darkness for xbox, Lord of the Rings: the Third Age for Gamecube, and RE6, Dark Souls, and God of War for PS3
  2. I just happened to purchase Jak and Daxter 1-3..played the crap out of them on my PS2
  3. I would love to see another Bioshock game, either as Rapture is going nuts or a venture back down to Rapture, possibly a restoration of the underwater city where they find that nothing really stays dead
  4. Resident Evil 4..one of the greatest games ever made, i have probably beaten it atleast 20 times and I still enjoy playing it
  5. I actually just acquired the show, I watched episodes in the past and enjoyed them, hopefully its the same once I start watching the show again
  6. both are very addicting, but I still prefer the books over the tv show when it comes to Game of Thrones
  7. Coven and Murder House were my favorite seasons, this new one is just too bizarre with too many side stories and flashbacks and all that to keep me interested.
  8. Ive actually given up on the show..I haven't watched a single episode from this season yet and I honestly don't feel like I am missing anything. To me, the show could have ended a while ago...but thats just my opinion
  9. that is a movie I have never seen, maybe ill have to check it out now! I feel like alot of movies suffered from big dreams but lack of technology
  10. it is a great show, but I personally think the books blow the show out of the water. I know this thread is old but I would love to discuss some fan theories and just general thoughts with people
  11. After talking about terrible movie remakes and how some should never have been considered, what movies would you like to see remade?
  12. Rather than remaking films, they need to expand on a films universe while paying homage to the original. The problem is, they are trying so hard to live up to the original and create all that hype and bring in more money, that they fall flat on their face because most sequels are so out there and don't hold true to whats going on. It all boils down to capitalizing on the original ideas success, that's why most sequels and remakes are awful, they want to resurrect something just to profit off it if. as the saying goes, if it ain't broke, dont fix it
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