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  1. arkham asylum was terrible. i don't get what everyone liked. the game had nothing.jumping from gargoyle to gargoyle is not stealth. pressing x to attach and square to counter attack to watch some painfully slow moves is not action.
  2. how dare you appreciate death note and rurouni kenshin? that stuff is for kids.
  3. metal gear solid 1 is on psn.

  4. I played through most of Fallout 3 on terrible graphics. On a graphics card that wasn't supposed to do anything at all. I guess that's what they mean by overclocking. now my one year old computer crashes every chance it gets flashing the blue screen of death. i don't really use it, though it kinda pains me to see it suck so much, but fallout 3 was just amazing. I was skeptical about the gameplay going into the game, but fallout 3 is a game that's not even about the gameplay. it's all about being absorbed into the world and I for the first time was really absorbed into the game world even though I was looking at some of the ugliest graphics imaginable. That didn't matter because I was interested in getting my character stronger and seeing what was what in that ugly bombed out world. props to bethesda for making a game that still delivers on possible the worst graphics card out there.
  5. I don't know how I was able to care enough to get to the best ending. I tried playing it again a few weeks ago because I got nostalgic and I couldn't do it.
  6. I was so close to picking that up! But I though Dragon Age would be too clunky on a console, so I got Mass Effect 2 instead.
  7. It was a very very long time ago. help me out here Koby. Dark Fantasy was around 2004? I think I was on this one forum called Final Fantasy Arena and I somehow stumbled across Dark Fantasy after some other people from FFA went there. Back then it was just a place for role playing which I used to love, but didn't do so well so a little while later Koby decided to expand and that other forums went away or something. Good times Koby.
  8. Shiina Ringo - Kuki the music itself is mesmerizing, but Shiina's singing just pulls me in even more
  9. The Prestige It's got Batman and Wolverine!
  10. Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Daniel Craig, and Liam Neeson. and probably Eva Green.
  11. you can't really hold up a movie to a book like that. critics don't exactly love the movie, and it follows the book very loosely and kinda does its own thing, but I thought it was a great film in all regards. i read the stranger by albert camus again reading and will read: all my textbooks (hopefully!)
  12. I didn't care for any of the other harry potter movies, read all the books, but this movie was a great. It was long which is good because it did the book justice. The half blood prince put me in such a bad mood that I told myself I wouldn't watch the last two films. but I was dragged into the theater anyway and I sat there wanting to hate it, but I couldn't. it hit all the right notes and covers mostly everything. I'm not sure that they have enough stuff left to have made a part two out of, but my brother says otherwise.
  13. you should all watch The Prestige if you haven't already. It's got the same structure as Inception and all, but it is still pretty enjoyable. similar debatable ending as well. back on Inception, I also wondered if the whole thing itself was a dream. it's kinda hard to take anything the movie gives you seriously because it might as well have been a dream. I mean, we don't really know that Cobb was right and his wife wasn't.
  14. Pretty much the whole cast of Final Fantasy X except Auron. They were all very, very annoying and describing why will annoy me very much. Seifer's two side kicks from FFVIII have to take the cake however, especially that silver haired one.
  15. Final Fantasy II (for the first time) Final Fantasy Tactics Adv. Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga and maybe if I can make up mind Mass Effect 2
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