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  1. Change a video framerate

    Ok, thank you for the info. Will try it soon.
  2. Change a video framerate

    Yes, it is about the audio. With mkvtoolnix the video's framerate changed and matched, but the audio remained the same as before. I recorded an episode of kick buttowski in 25fps in our regional language and I downloaded the Web-DL from one of the posts here. The Web-DL is 23.976 fps, and the audio which I recorded is not syncing with it. I think I have to decrease the speed of audio with any audio editing program. Thanks for the help guys.
  3. Change a video framerate

    I too faced the same situation and used the mkvtoolnix as you suggested, but failed. Is there an another way to do so. Thanks in advance.
  4. Secured Streaming Cloud Drive

    I don't know about any secured cloud drive till now, but will inform you whenever I know about them. And I think in blogger, you can't do anything like that. But there is a way where you have to create a registration form, make your blog private and just allow only those you want. Hope this helps.