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  1. yesterday was friday the 13th. so i watched jason whom (with cold bloded and merciless thought)killed everyone in his path
  2. Wow that would be alot of episodes. doesn't anyone get bored watching all of those episodes. Ye know u could into "One Piece" of a pirate
  3. i have only watched 8 complete series: naruto,avatar,tenjho tenge,dbz,dbgt,air gear,full metal alchemist-en panic. and there lots more on the way
  4. i love supernatural and superpower anime. i have watched bleach, death note, naruto(shippuden) tenjho tenge. any recomendations on what to look for now
  5. randysoekhoe


    sorry for this intrusion,but hey it's still bleach right. :confuse:so sorry again for jumping to far. it's about kenpachi. he alone with his limiters is very strong. if he would or could for the matter go bankai the whole soul society and the world of the hollows would go trembling in fear
  6. randysoekhoe


    has anyone seen how ichigo turned into a full hollow and fought against arrancar #4 way COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL
  7. yo koby. need some helpin. i see u have a lot of anime

    can u tell m how to upload and download some

  8. randysoekhoe


    hi again. I'm still new here and i love to watch lots of anime i have some to upload too,but how do i do that
  9. whhhhhaaaaa:oh:

    That was a nice long nap!

    So whats up man

  10. hmm not much being on kametsu a hell of a lot lately, working, looking for new anime.


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