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  1. Yup, they actually conducted a few polls on their Patreon to come up with the new name.
  2. I really like the work this studio is doing, nice art, music, writing, etc. Figured I'd post this here in case anyone would like to check out the Kickstarter page, and give the demo a try. This project was original called Destiny Chronicles. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/visualnoveler/eternal-radiance-fantasy-action-jrpg-vn/description
  3. Don't know that they're all that rare but I have Lunar and Lunar 2 as well as the Arc the Lad Collection from Working Designs. Saga Frontier 1 and 2, Valkyrie Profile and Xenogears from Squaresoft.
  4. Yep, I'm so excited that one of my favorites is getting not only a US domestic BD release (which I honestly never hoped for given the niche nature) but is also getting an English dub! The campaign, which has already been an unqualified success, runs until Monday (09/11) early evening EDT if anyone else wants to get in on it.
  5. I have the same concern to some degree. Nozomi has said they are aware of the issues that occurred with the upscaling for the Japanese BD release, which is why they decided to do their own. Hopefully the final product will avoid the previous issues without introducing too many new ones and we'll get a really nice version. As you say, it should be interesting. I'm hoping it not only unlocks S3 (plus Avvenire and the Picture Dramas) but we also unlock the Japanese staff round table extra for Avvenire.
  6. You've proven correct, Inverti. Now to see if the campaign can continue it's success and fund the rest of the series.
  7. In case anyone here would be interested, there is a Kickstarter running to create an English dub for Aria. The first season (Aria the Animation) is fully funded is it is approaching a major stretch goal to dub the first part of the second season (Aria the Natural) as well. If you enjoy comfy 'healing' anime please do check it out. Fingers crossed that it can fund the whole second season. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/160939828/lets-dub-aria-the-animation?utm_source=right stuf blog&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=aria_kickstarter
  8. The earliest foray I had was watching Robotech but it wasn't until years later that I learned about Macross/Southern Cross/Mospeada. In the meantime I'd started watching the Toonami block after school watching DBZ, Sailor Moon (I can admit it now), and Gundam Wing. My desire to watch more eventually lead to the deep dark world of fansubs and IRC and I've been more or less a lost cause ever since. There've been times when I've pretty much stopped watching anything, but I've always relapsed in the end.
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