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    Count to 100,000

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    Latest One Piece Manga Dicussion [Spoilers]

    Well, now that One Piece is over, and Big Mom won, what do we do now? /s
  3. Lyokomzm

    Latest One Piece Manga Dicussion [Spoilers]

    Chapter: 895 Snakeman was pretty cool, but Katakuri going full on Donut was great, even if only for a single panel. It's pretty cool that Katakuri adapted to the Snakeman technique so quickly, really shows how similar he is to luffy. There being a break next week is going to kill me
  4. Lyokomzm

    Latest One Piece Manga Dicussion [Spoilers]

    Why on Earth was Brulee just sitting there? I know she was watching the fight from mirrors before, but she was literally just sitting around the corner from them.
  5. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone here, made another small donation to the site again today, as it had been a few months since my last one. Going to try to do it more often, because I really appreciate all the work people do here!

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    Hey there! I have been browsing this forum infrequently over the last few weeks, and love the XDCC Parser and the community that has been on the IRC! Several months ago my roommates and I setup our home NAS and have been adding content to watch via Plex non-stop. Most of us prefer dubbed, and it was really refreshing to find a community that feels the same! The amount of Dubbed and Dual-Audio content here still amazes me.