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  1. hey man nice pic, where did you get it? and is it a HQ pic?

  2. Linux CAN be a better choice . It all depends on what your looking for I'd definitely recommend getting Virtualbox and Trying it out in a virtual enviroment if you haven't used the distro before. So after my ramblings , Yes I would say Linux is a good decision.
  3. I might be able to help with tech support I'm College for Net Administration and Have taken Comptia A+, NET + , and Security +. Hit me up if you need it
  4. The draw between Kenpachi and Ichigo near the byakyuya fight was good .
  5. yeah i'm asleep by then .. I like to finish in the language i started as well although i did start the subbed eps
  6. Ryuzaki2783


    Funny thats exactly how me and my girlfriend have had to watch them. I'm still behind!
  7. Ryuzaki2783


    Watch Bleach if your the patient anime viewer . I really enjoy it . Even the fillers although there have been episodes i could have done without . Also ,and maybe this is true for all anime , They use the word "however" far too much in the dubbed episodes.
  8. Do they still show Inuyasha ? I never make it that late into the night if they do...
  9. The first anime I got into was actually Tekkaman . It showed on upn or some obscure network when all the other morning cartoons sucked. Besides that it was Outlaw Star and DBZ. Of course anime like Bleach and Inuyasha have kept me watching.
  10. I'd heard that too. although I don't remember where I saw it . Perhaps it will come by the end of the year or maybe not at all . Does anyone know if it was well recieved in Japan ? I'm not sure the U.S fanbase is strong enough after Adult Swim cut anime to one night and reran inuyasha forever . I guess time will tell.
  11. Aww man thats what I was afraid i'd hear and typically you tend to be most accurate koby so thanks
  12. I know it finished overseas and all but has Viz said anything about bringing Inuyasha TFA over to the U.S? I have been waiting a long time already just to finish the series . I could watch the subbed but i'd rather not.
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