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  1. kinglir28

    Encoding PAL to NTSC

    I second that. No one have "NTSC" TVs anymore.
  2. never mind.... PM...

  3. kinglir28

    Dinosaucers on amazon prime video

    @prime0316 @xleox @Steven Villman @Arian It's already have been uploaded by @SaurusX . Here:
  4. kinglir28

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    You mean that it's possible to download all subs for all episodes without doing it per episode ? If so, how can I do it in Barracuda-2.0.5 ?
  5. kinglir28

    [Help] Rip DC Universe's content

    I don’t know how to help with the decryption, but I can tell you that Blu-ray rips of Batman TAS will probably show up soon. They will have better quality.
  6. Yes, @Moodkiller method is what I am usually using. It means you need to specify the exact frame you are aiming for. like 00:16:18.254
  7. Cool. Do you think it will be possible for you to share it here untouched ? It's a big upload BD-50 .....
  8. Am I the only one excited about this ? http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=21548 Have anyone pre-ordered already ?
  9. kinglir28

    MKV to MP4

    Indeed. For this task, it's really good to use FFMPEG. Here is the command line: ffmpeg -i input.mkv -map 0 -c copy output.mp4 This will convert to mp4 without any re-encoding. If you have (in the MKV) subtitles tracks that MP4 doesn't support - you will need to remove them or convert them first. Same goes with FLAC audio - so you will need to convert it to AAC. If the subtitles are text-based (like SRT), you can add the following to the command line, at the end before "output.mp4" : -c:s mov_text
  10. kinglir28

    Chapters Syncing

    The "best" I could find is using ChapterGrabber for converting times by FPS. But it can't do: 1. Input in mkvmerge common XML file - only output. So extracting the base (in my case the NTSC) chapters needs to be extracted to TXT ("simple") format using mkvmerge and then output to XML (which ChapterGrabber does allow). 2. reverse shift in times - only positive delay and not negative delay. Meaning if you need to shift a bit backwards the chapter times, you need to use split function of mkvmerge before extracting the chapters.
  11. kinglir28

    Chapters Syncing

    Anyone can guide me on the easiest procedure on syncing chapters timing ? I have a tv show DVDs of both PAL and NTSC versions. The PAL have better quality video, but no chapters - so I like to take the NTSC chapters and add them to the PAL version MKVs. I know I can do this manually for each episode using MKVTOOLNIX Chapter Editor, but I was hoping for a faster way....
  12. kinglir28

    Kametsu is now SSL-ready!

    Well Done! Kametsu is already the best forum I know technology-wise (and don't even let be begin about content and community).
  13. kinglir28

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Anyone can share a working method ? I wasn't able to use it even for old show (X-Men Animated), US store and that I already purchased long time ago. Getting the following ERROR: Could not open / parse mpdURL
  14. kinglir28

    [INDEX] CronoFlash Uploads

    Many Thanks! Looking forward to the Original DVD subtitles (VobSub) of Batman: Sub-Zero