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  1. Bosco Adventure Bluray

    Anyone can get Bosco Adventure Blu-ray discs ? The series has been remastered in very high quality: https://www.amazon.co.jp/放送開始30周年記念企画-想い出のアニメライブラリー-ボスコアドベンチャー-Vol-1-Blu-ray/dp/B071D6C1Z3 A sample of the quality:
  2. Once Upon a Time... (educational series, Blu-ray)

    The BD is a huge upgrade. Just look at youtube video comparisons.
  3. Once Upon a Time... (educational series, Blu-ray)

    @sfaxt I found it. Big download and needs premium account. Can you assist with the download ? If so, PM me.
  4. Flash Gordon 1996 animated series is on tubitv streaming

    You can just use Mega. Since each episode is small in size, the new limits are not a real issue.
  5. Flash Gordon 1996 animated series is on tubitv streaming

    Hi, do you still have the entire series ? Can you share it ?
  6. Jumanji Animated Series - NEW US DVDs

    Hi @Toddler Naruto ! Yes, DVDs usually have much better quality than iTunes. It's specially interesting since it's new release. Also, @Tooncore links are dead.
  7. Did anyone grab the new DVD release and/or know if Season 1 is in better quality than the old DVD release of ? Anyway, finally getting Season 2 and 3 in good quality will be great. https://www.amazon.com/Jumanji-Complete-Animated-Alan-Parrish/dp/B072MPK89J
  8. Megas XLR Pilot (Lowbrow) [DVD]

    +1 Anyone have this ?
  9. Hi, anyone can get the awesome remastered blu-rays of these great educational series ? I am looking for a Remux or Full BDs. Once Upon a Time... Man - 3-Disc Box Set: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008FR3MU0/ Once Upon a Time... Life - 3-Disc Box Set: https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B071NMMKN4
  10. Splitting and merging two SPECIFIC files losslessly

    Yes, @Moodkiller method is what I am usually using. It means you need to specify the exact frame you are aiming for. like 00:16:18.254
  11. Spider Man The Animated Series 1994 in High Quality

    I see. I really don't recommend that to anyone. Use the original DVDs or DarkDream's new encode.
  12. Spider Man The Animated Series 1994 in High Quality

    It's just an upscale, and from quick compare, it doesn't looks like a good one - it seems they just used a filter that makes everything looks like wax (no texture). Can you find information on the process done to upscale it ?
  13. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - Blu-ray coming soon

    Cool. Do you think it will be possible for you to share it here untouched ? It's a big upload BD-50 .....
  14. Am I the only one excited about this ? http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=21548 Have anyone pre-ordered already ?
  15. Anyone have the blu-ray set or a remux ? It's 3 BD-50 discs. I only found rips and I like to get the originals. http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Star-Trek-The-Animated-Series-Blu-ray/152677/