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  1. So does Kametsu have any plans to expand and eventually become a private tracker? I haven't been here long but I'd love to see this become a more close knit, active community. Also it would be cool if we could get some more torrent/irc action and have some UP/DL stats.
  2. I'll have a 1080p FLAC rip up this week. It wont be dual audio on release just dub but ill have a dual audio batch within 2 weeks Sorry scrapping this project.
  3. I'll have Season 1 English Dub 1080p PCM (lossless compression of FLAC) WebRip uploaded tomorrow. Stay tuned
  4. One-punch man (no brainer) Mob Psycho 100 Black Lagoon Cowboy Bebop Fairy Tail Naruto Katanagatari Samurai Champloo Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan Kill la Kill Boku no Hero Academia (episodes 9-13 are where it gets good) Avatar the Last Airbender and Korra (honestly the Avatar series has better action animation than 80% of anime I've seen) FMA Brotherhood (Classic) BACCANO! Shingeki no Kyojin Tokyo Ghoul Soul Eater Hunter x Hunter Neon Genesis Evangelion Psycho Pass Akame Ga Kill Ao No Exorcist Seven Deadly Sins Rurouni Kenshin Kuromukuro If you're looking for movies: Sword of the Stranger Summer Wars The Boy and The Beast Ghost in The Shell FF Advent Children Cowboy Bebop 2001
  5. Thanks brother, I appreciate the reply. I wanted to contribute what ever little I had for my first post I'll be sure to contribute with more use in my posts to come!
  6. I recently posted audio tracks for AoT and within a couple minutes the post was deleted, I didn't receive a message and I've read through the guidelines and can't figure out what I did wrong. Anyone know what the problem is?