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  1. Still creeping my profile, asshole? :)

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. Nabull


      Whatever suits you best :haha:

    3. DabDeity710


      These tears are making my waffles soggy:cold:

    4. Nabull


      I told her about it, she likes you 


      Only as a friend :haha:


  2. Stop creeping on my profile, dude.

    1. DabDeity710


      Yea you creep, that's my job:ph34r:


    2. Arian


      Oh, Deity. You can spy on me anytime. :x

    3. DabDeity710


      Good, cuz I'm spying on you as we speak:bad_smile:

  3. i will publicly it . Currently Uploading 1st Disc right now !
  4. i will upload these for your request . i wil lsend you via pm
  5. Go somewhere else. Use your own money to buy AMERICAN itune cards .
  6. i will upload once i have some free time . right now just a bit busy . will send u links via pm
  7. when i have free time i will generate you a gdrive account or onedrive account .
  8. Im willing to remux english audio . If you could provide raws/audios
  9. I got a boxset 5dvds . i will upload if u are interesting ?
  10. they have stop the invitation . It will be awhile before they will let registration