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  1. [Request] Maria Holic/Alive BD 1080p

    Please Anyone do this...
  2. [Request] Danganronpa BD 1080p

    It would be great if we get a Kametsu release of Danganronpa and Danganronpa 3 in full HD Bluray treatment. Plz make it happen.
  3. Can I ask for a [Kametsu] release for Studio Shaft's weirdest anime? You guys can improve on the current sources which are near dead anyway, especially 2nd season.
  4. Niche request, but if you guys get hands on the gravity rush anime in bd, plz upload it as it contains both Japanese dub as well as gravitian.
  5. The Legend of Legendary Heroes Blu-ray

    Hope you'll finish it, one day.
  6. Kim possible's team behind it?
  7. Newcomer

  8. Hello I'm LLama

    Hello I'm LLama.Feel free to send llama pics.