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  1. Web-dl AMZ Fox Cartons

    Thanks, where were you seeing the webdl for Bob's Burgers?
  2. Web-dl AMZ Fox Cartons

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this. I notice TBS releases seeming to take the place of Web-dl and AMZ releases of a number of shows, many Fox cartoons. Where are you going now for Bob's Burgers or Family Guy in Web-DL or AMZ? The TBS releases don't look as good and have a big Rating box in the top left corner at the beginning of the episode.
  3. Supergirl (2015 TV Series)

    I started it, but fell behind. Same with Arrow. I'm not loving these superhero shows as much as I thought I would.
  4. Zombie Movies

    Shawn of the Dead is my favorite by far. Also like Zombieland
  5. Classic VS dated films

    Jurassic Park was my first thought too. Nostalgia may play a role though. The books made me like th emovie even more!
  6. The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    Maybe spoilders, based on Comics.
  7. Linkin Park's future

    It sucks, expecially for his kids and wife. I wonder if the band will continue.
  8. The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    LOL at shitting pants. Neat car shield though. Hoping Negan dies. Heard the show won't have a happy ending and really don't want Negan to win.
  9. Adventure Time

    It seems a new volume just started. Is this the last one?
  10. Say something nice about the user above.

    User above me must be a breakfast person.
  11. Count to 100,000

    Has anyone gone through the past 386 pages to make sure we don't have any skipped or duplicated numbers?
  12. Count to 100,000

  13. Ps4 or Xbox One

  14. Most Anticipated Games

    I'm really hoping Mario Odyssey lives up to the hype.
  15. The Nostalgia Train Hit Me

    Yep, it was my second console after the Saturn.