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  1. Does anyone have Lamb Chop's Play-Along?
  2. Did you ever manage to find these?
  3. Thanks! Let me know if you can find the second one. I started looking after you mentioned these existed and can't find anything anywhere.
  4. Interesting, what is different in those edits? I would like to see them if you could share the one that you have.
  5. I'm struggling to find anything substantial for Barney and Friends. I have found a couple of episodes on YouTube, but not many. Does anyone have this show? Ideally without TV logos, like dvd rips or something. http://thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=72180&lid=7
  6. Hmm do you think Important Things with Demetri Martin or Running Wilde would be acceptable requests for the VIP section? They not mature, like Game of Thrones would be. They're also much less popular than any of the mainstream shows you mentioned.
  7. I've got access to VIP. I've seen live actionthere, but it still seems to be Nick/Disney related. I was going to request a few shows that we're adult themed, like GOT, but not kid themed either. I'm hoping to find Demetri Martin tv's show and Running Wilde. When reading the sticky on the request section though, it said no live action that isn't kid themed, unless I misread it.
  8. Sorry, I wasn't clear. There were a couple non animated shows that are not kids shows that I've been struggling to find and hoping someone could rip from Netflix. Non-animated kids shows are still fine based on the sticked post.
  9. Never mind, just saw that this is not allowed here. How can I delete this topic? Are we allowed to request non-animated shows here or is there a place where we can do that?
  10. Thanks!
  11. When did that show move to Disney?
  12. Since Netflix only had 52 episodes, are the others in that other release?