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  1. A reintroduction if you will...

    Nice to meet you Mr. Daddy.
  2. Index of Maskedcape's Releases AnimeBytes | Anime Torrents | BakaBT | Cartoon Chaos | AniDex | Nyaa | AnimeTosho Current Projects: Whatever i feel like. Requests: I don't take requests but i'm open to suggestions. Hey there, you seem to have discovered my secret hideout here at Kametsu. A lot of you may know me from before.....a lot of what i did before, as @Astral would say are just "memes". Well now i'm slowly moving forward and releasing dual audio remuxes. I will take my time and mux different sources together and firstly release them on AB. Please don't expect a fast upload as unfortunately my upload speed is real slow. 1080p Dual-Audio Releases Black Lagoon Season 1 Sankarea + Specials Medaka Box
  3. question regarding avisynth filters to enhance anime

    Thanks man for giving me a basic idea. Looks like i got a lot of reading and testing to do. Will play around with them to see what does what....
  4. so i'm just messing around with filters in staxrip and wanted to do my own hevc version of Kametsu's Rin:daughters....wanted to enhance the picture but it didn't turn out right like i wanted. Looks really bad as it looses alot of the details....(hevc will reduce the details even further) can ya guys recommends some good settings. i'm using the 64bit version of staxrip, so alot of the external filters won't work...
  5. Teen Titans Go! (2003) Comics

    seriously, when i saw the thread i was both confused and excited.Now i'm sad....it's not a anime, nor released by kametsu ......lol?
  6. Hi

    Hi, I go by Adam and i'm new to Anime. I watched a few series and now i'm just so addicted...