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  1. Maskedcape

    Index page - Releases by Maskedcape [MC]

    Done......will create thread when upload is complete. Slow upload speed and my laziness might delay this by a week.... Good Luck Girl! S01 [Kuroi-raws] Brynhildr in the Darkness S01 [Beatrice-Raws]
  2. Maskedcape

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    oh god, such high standards. Catar doing some pro work with his release standards while i'm here releasing v2 and still screwing up. Nice guide, will try to stick to it in the future....lets see how it goes. Thanks.
  3. Maskedcape

    A reintroduction if you will...

    Nice to meet you Mr. Daddy.
  4. Maskedcape Releases Current Projects Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Queued for Upload Completed
  5. Thanks man for giving me a basic idea. Looks like i got a lot of reading and testing to do. Will play around with them to see what does what....
  6. so i'm just messing around with filters in staxrip and wanted to do my own hevc version of Kametsu's Rin:daughters....wanted to enhance the picture but it didn't turn out right like i wanted. Looks really bad as it looses alot of the details....(hevc will reduce the details even further) can ya guys recommends some good settings. i'm using the 64bit version of staxrip, so alot of the external filters won't work...
  7. Maskedcape

    Teen Titans Go! (2003) Comics

    seriously, when i saw the thread i was both confused and excited.Now i'm sad....it's not a anime, nor released by kametsu ......lol?
  8. Maskedcape


    Hi, I go by Adam and i'm new to Anime. I watched a few series and now i'm just so addicted...