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  1. I was scared watching this mainly because of the sound the dog makes when it's alarmed
  2. Cyber Chase , the movie had a PS1 game although I have not played I really enjoyed the public try it at stores . The gameplay was great that I watched the movie . I recall it had a good plot and story . I have not seen the recent ones .
  3. The intro to teen titans by Puffy Ami&Yumi is legendary . Believe it or not I started listening to music after that intro.
  4. Peabody and Sherman Side note: Did anyone enjoy this ?
  5. I'm 21 and for the better most of my life I spent it outside my home country and since I lived in a culturally sensitive country the only TV channels that I could find was a German kids channel (Super RTL)which was completely in German and we had cartoon network USA for a month and then the best part is boomerang in French for a couple of years . I really started watching cartoons (following the story and understanding the language) only when I was 12 then it stopped I don't know when . Family and friends who are not familiar with cartons is from whom you can expect snide remarks . On days which I am at my worst cartoons unlock that joy and helps you in finding the solutions with ease.
  6. I really liked Spider Man 1994 , though I saw it in 2002 and never followed it . The next time I saw it was around six years later and all that joy of excellent action sequences and that distorted interview came rushing back. Additional there is another one that came in 2004 that had a CG style of animation . It was a bit different the characters not being in school and all.
  7. @Moodkiller We ought to get out of the grid and go into hiding with what @SakuraChan is running.
  8. @SakuraChan Holy mother of God 141 TB and 37Tb remaining . Do you keep with you every anime, cartoon show of your childhood inside , is it like ....Hmm I feel like going back when I was 14 and I enjoyed that one particular cartoon, let me look up that .. Oh wait i already have that in my massive storage. Do you go on nostalgic binges time to time.
  9. If you look at bands whose vocalist leaves or is no more tend to disband and start individual projects from the following they built up, only if they are a hugely popular band which has been around a long long time. Other relatively newer bands find a replacement. LP is smack dab in the middle of this scenario.
  10. I have never tried any J drama but I have watches one K drama and I have tried a few but dropped them immediately. To this day I have seen only one and really like it.
  11. The old one has a darker tone and characters are a bit serious compared to the new one . I personally watched the new one then saw the old one. The stories change a bit here and there with the new one having 2 extra arcs.
  12. In the beginning , my anime schedule was only Naruto. Then we kinda moved to another place and I kinda forgot and stopped watching completely for close to a year. I resumed watching Naruto and found out it had a sequel . I watched for a few months and then stopped again completely for a year again. Just last summer I decided to branch out and tried anime like Knights of Sidonia , Noragami and GATE. I have always wanted to follow up more but either I forget or something else come in the way.
  13. What do you use to store content ? Is it external hard disk's or cloud based solutions ? I personally use a old external hard disk to store and move content around.
  14. I do not follow the manga , but from what i heard it is a completely different staff from the manga with its own story.
  15. Its not that bad it's like Naruto (Not Shippuden). Its quite slow paced and everything is stretched out. Its better to give it a go after shippuden , hopefully the pace picks up within that time.
  16. I have put the show on hold , it's going nowhere .
  17. I feel just the huge success of Naruto is what made Shippuden 75% filler anime. C'mon flash backs to when you are younger are better told when they happened , or maybe the writer did not plan that far along.Maybe they will learn from their mistakes . OH ! This is my first post at Kametsu....
  18. I don't think this series will extend as long as Naruto.The sheer vastness in the number of Shippuden episodes is astonishing.
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