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    How did you guys found kametsu?

    I was desperatley searching for some good scooby doo episodes and a very fustrated google search led me to to Tooncores magical index.That was close to two years back. I am not much active due to work and stuff but going through the various topics knowing about others opinions on cartoons and anime and even the little things like the topics in pre screening mini clips the experiences is a treasure.
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    Here's to hoping for a second season of Darling in the Franxx.
  3. normalsomeplace

    What Movies Do You Want To See Remade?

    I was thinking of something along the lines of a prius. Doc, it's a prius. But Marty, everyone has this car , you can blend in . No one would think it's a time machine and it's a hybrid. But Doc it's a prius.
  4. normalsomeplace

    What are some of your favorite cartoons from the 2000s?

    KND , Fosters home for Imaginery Friends, Dexter lab, Samurai Jack. All of them were simple with an explorative nature in the show.
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    What are the Cartoons you grew up with?

    This is a long list . Had Boomerang , so most of the Hannah Barbera shows, then on to CN shows like Fosters Home for Imaginery Friends, kids next door,Dexter lab,samurai jack, Ben 10.
  6. Hands Down, it's Scooby doo and most of its iterations , particularly SD where are you, something about the animation, the ghoulish sounds the simplicity of the story, the quirks. This is there right along with Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes.
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    Count to 100,000

  8. normalsomeplace

    What Movies Do You Want To See Remade?

    Back To The Future. You could have the modern CGI play a great role, and instead of a DeLorean we can see something better from the modern era.
  9. normalsomeplace

    Keep One, Drop One

    Gangly Teeth
  10. normalsomeplace

    ‘Fast & Furious’ Animated Series Set At Netflix

    I wonder who's going to say "family" in this series.
  11. normalsomeplace

    Getting Back into ANime !

    I have watched death note and I enjoyed it so much that I revist the the series every year , I even checked out the Japanese drama and the live action English movie as well along with it. I read good things about code geass and just 10 episodes in , it's mind blowingly awsome , even the intro song. Are you familar with that episode in "how I met your mother" in which the gang points each others annoying habits and glass pane breaks inside their mind. Literally the is going to happen to me the next time I watch knight of sidonia.
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    Getting Back into ANime !

    Sorry for not fully explaining myself. I enjoyed every show listed above, and as for genres under every category "Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, High School DXD (am not sure of which series),Attack on Titan , Death Note ,No game NO Life, SAO (Season 1) , Knights of Sidonia" these fall under. I really enjoyed High School Dxd , even checked put the sequel s . Not having a huge background in anime I found out season 2 of knights of sidonia good . What I really liked is the concept and animation of this show.
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    Getting Back into ANime !

    Just finished full metal , going on brotherhood story plot is quite the same . A NOOB asking "What's the difference between the two ?"
  14. normalsomeplace

    Getting Back into ANime !

    WHOA ! Sorry for the late reply . The title explains it all. Thanks mate.
  15. normalsomeplace

    Getting Back into ANime !

    Just checked out a short clip , space adventures , just awesome ! Recommendations are greatly appreciated . Thanks
  16. A really good show , really loved the pro tips from Jackie Chan himself in the end of the episodes.
  17. normalsomeplace

    Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    Just started watching Spiderman TAS 1994 and Gravity Falls, both of them seem great.
  18. normalsomeplace

    Cartoons with the most creative/amazing art styles?

    I really liked the animation style of Gravity Falls , all the small attention to details is greatly appreciated . The characters in the episodes have great development and voice work is excellent.
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    Which is your favorite Scooby-Doo movie?

    Hands down mine would be the order in which I first watched them. Cyber Chase- Really enjoyed this one and the accompanying games that go along with were great fun. Scooby Doo the live action - This movie really showed me about what having fun is really about.
  20. normalsomeplace

    Forgotten Cartoons

    Assuming that a cartoon which I had watched years back and just discovered it back a some time back. Growing up my access to Cartoon Network and Boomerang was very limited . Classic Hannah Barbara show's were my favorite because they were the only one among few available especially Scooby Doo. But mine is Krypto the super dog , used to watch this whenever I could , just remembered about it a while back.
  21. normalsomeplace

    Good animes to start watching

    My recommendation would be to start of with something which is a longer running show like Naruto or Bleach to get the sense what anime really is comparing it to cartoons . Then lock down on a genre or themes and search !
  22. normalsomeplace

    Cartoon recommendations for me and you!

    Looking through your I was able to notice cartoons mostly after the year 2000 and are a bit adventure focused. I particularly have no huge knowledge on cartoons but my recommendations would be American Dragon : Jake Long , The life and Times of Juniper Lee and Time Squad watched these a few years back (YES A FEW YEARS BACK) and I think you would enjoy them .Something before 1990's would be Spiderman TAS 1994 , X men and Thunder cats. What do you think ?
  23. normalsomeplace

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    Anybody following this show. I watched it for a bit stopped and tried it again , I found it more of a touch and a miss type of show.
  24. normalsomeplace

    Storage Solution's ?

    What do you use to store content ? Is it external hard disk's or cloud based solutions ? I personally use a old external hard disk to store and move content around.
  25. normalsomeplace

    Things you did on weekend's and summer's as a child .

    Are you musically inclined , ever pick up an instrument ? My family considers rock and other forms of western music as loud and with questions like do you understand this , its irritating I'm getting a headache turn it off . LOL