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  1. Timon and pumbaa the series

    oh happy days! thank you!!
  2. Hey! i wondered if you could help me find the timon and pumbaa series?

  3. hey do you still have some of the series from HDCLUB ? you had some on amazon but they are no longer there and HDCLUB shut down.

    1. DJHulp


      No, most of them I removed them because I really got distuberd by the voices, because I grew up with a different language.

      Please ask Arian he has the files on Amazon if I'm correctly maybe he can open it again.

  4. Timon and pumbaa the series

    Hakuna Matata! seriously though id like to see the show without half the screen having a pair of mouse ears.
  5. Timon and pumbaa the series

    Hello again i am unfortunately looking for more series of disney toons i lost in a computer related crash, i know somone hosted timon and pumbaa on here but they no longer host it on amazon and the source HDLUB shut down earlier this year so does anyone where i can find this series now? original post was dual audio russian and english but better picture quality and no logo.
  6. Gummi bears season 4-6

    thanks spaceman99 took a few days but i got them all done and onto discs thanks!
  7. Gummi bears season 4-6

    Is anyone on here able to help me find season 4-6 of the gummi bears? I've been unable to find it anywhere.
  8. syncing audio to a video

    i have a 720p episode of "the new adventures of winnie the pooh" season 1 episode 14 to be exact, it is part of a set of dual audio files GER/ENG audio on each except for episode 14, i have found the best alternative source i could for the ENG audio and have ripped it etc, but every time i manage to sync one bit another bit comes out of sync, i need advice on steps i should take when syncing audio and video, im a complete newbie to this.
  9. tooncore did you ever have any of the new adventures of winnie the pooh ?

  10. Games you regret buying/playing

    Colonial marines, i was excited when i first saw the prospect in 2003-2004 then nothing until 2008 then nothing again till 2011 then again in 2013 where upon the absolute bait and switch gearbox had pulled coupled with a decade of waiting made it the most regrettable purchase i made.
  11. The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    thats okay with me im very grateful your even considering it!
  12. The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    "I have my own TV rip collection of AVI's that I nabbed from a torrent years ago; will consider uploading if you want. " that would be awesome!
  13. The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    has there ever been a collection of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh uploaded? i haven't been able to find it anywhere and fancied a look for old times sakes.