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  1. Hey! i wondered if you could help me find the timon and pumbaa series?

  2. hey do you still have some of the series from HDCLUB ? you had some on amazon but they are no longer there and HDCLUB shut down.

    1. DJHulp


      No, most of them I removed them because I really got distuberd by the voices, because I grew up with a different language.

      Please ask Arian he has the files on Amazon if I'm correctly maybe he can open it again.

  3. tooncore did you ever have any of the new adventures of winnie the pooh ?

  4. artycharred

    Games you regret buying/playing

    Colonial marines, i was excited when i first saw the prospect in 2003-2004 then nothing until 2008 then nothing again till 2011 then again in 2013 where upon the absolute bait and switch gearbox had pulled coupled with a decade of waiting made it the most regrettable purchase i made.