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  1. Hey! i wondered if you could help me find the timon and pumbaa series?

  2. hey do you still have some of the series from HDCLUB ? you had some on amazon but they are no longer there and HDCLUB shut down.

    1. DJHulp


      No, most of them I removed them because I really got distuberd by the voices, because I grew up with a different language.

      Please ask Arian he has the files on Amazon if I'm correctly maybe he can open it again.

  3. artycharred

    syncing audio to a video

    i have a 720p episode of "the new adventures of winnie the pooh" season 1 episode 14 to be exact, it is part of a set of dual audio files GER/ENG audio on each except for episode 14, i have found the best alternative source i could for the ENG audio and have ripped it etc, but every time i manage to sync one bit another bit comes out of sync, i need advice on steps i should take when syncing audio and video, im a complete newbie to this.
  4. tooncore did you ever have any of the new adventures of winnie the pooh ?

  5. artycharred

    Games you regret buying/playing

    Colonial marines, i was excited when i first saw the prospect in 2003-2004 then nothing until 2008 then nothing again till 2011 then again in 2013 where upon the absolute bait and switch gearbox had pulled coupled with a decade of waiting made it the most regrettable purchase i made.