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  1. That sucks. I hope this doesn't happen to Kametsu. Kametsu got almost everything I'm looking for. I'm glad I found Kametsu.
  2. The Super Dimension Fortress Macross - tv series Macross: Do You Remember Love? - movie The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flash Back 2012 - ova Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again - ova series Macross Plus - ova series Macross 7 - tv series Macross 7 The Movie: The Galaxy Is Calling Me! - movie Macross 7: Encore - ova Macross Dynamite 7 - ova series Macross Frontier - tv series Macross Frontier The Movie: The False Songstress - movie Macross Frontier Movie: The Wings of Goodbye - movie Macross Delta - tv series I think I'm missing some. Double check on wikipedia.
  3. Dragon Box was mastered in Standard Definition so I don't see the point of "upscaling" dvd quality especially if you plan on doing what is shown in this thread http://kametsu.com/topic/56065-what-softwares-do-i-need-to-get-this-vídeo-quality/#comment-509963. And the part I bolded in yellow, like, why? How is cutting down Dragon Box to match Kai pacing and replacing the music enhance Dragon Box? Anyways, here: https://ffmpeg.org/
  4. *scratches head* Why do you want to upscale Dragon Box? Plus, if you can't make heads or tails out of a avisynth script, I don't think you should be doing this.
  5. I want to say Thank You for everything you shared on here. I didn't grab a lot of the stuff you posted but the stuff I did manage to grab was great quality. So again, Thank You. 

  6. As long as OP's encoding settings can manage to keep close to the original quality of the video somewhat, the quality shouldn't be that bad. I remember I used to make hardsubs a long time ago to share with friends that watch on toasters way back in the day. It was a pain but they appreciated it. So yeah... good times.
  7. Thank you so much, Tooncore. A lot of us grew up on Hanna-Barbera stuff (myself included). This is just awesome.
  8. I hope they'll add the other seasons eventually.
  9. Hello all. Newbie here. Been a long time lurker and now finally worked up the courage to sign up. Love this place. I feel like... I'm home. Does that sound weird?
  10. To OP if you're still around. Open your file in Handbrake. Go to the Subtitles tab. Select to Add External SRT... Check 'Burned In' box. Make sure the proper language is selected. Click Play (or Add to Queue) You can also use other encoding programs like Staxrip and MeGUI.