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  1. how do you even set public message on your profile :S

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    2. Scyrous


      Username > Account Settings > Edit Profile > Enable status updates? > Yes.

      Here's some images to make it easier for you @21century.

    3. 21century


      thank you i final can update if there is any need for it thank you both @monsieurcooler and @Scyrous:D

    4. monsieurcooler


      I never knew this had to be enabled.

  2. :waaaht:Is this for real? Have you been watching since the day you were born? How is this humanly possible?:waaaht:


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    2. EljayFlintok


      Why this trickery? o_O

    3. emjay911


      I saw this earlier and I wanted to tell you about it because for some reason it annoys me real good. Now go fix it as it should be !!

    4. Koby


      lol, I haz Days: 376.8 without any tricks to inflate. Though unsure if it's a good thing I've spent soo much of my life on watching chinese toons. lel

  3. Second season + movie adaptation of DanMachi announced :https://myanimelist.net/news/54097948:money::money::money:


    Feels good man.

    1. 21century


      This is not all that shocking considering how many fan this series have :D

    2. monsieurcooler




      I haven't watched Sword Oratoria yet,waiting for the dub that comes out in May. Sentai has really gathered pace. Hope it continues for these upcoming releases as well.:greedy:

  4. Looking for Recommendations

    I was on my phone so I put a link from the easiest source nyaa. That torrent is freeleech as it is more than 15gb.
  5. Looking for Recommendations

    Code Geass and FMA:B(#1 on MAL) are good. +1 for Cowboy Bebop. I always go for dub unless it isn't available or is real bad. All the above mentioned series' have great dubs. DHD has made a release of DBZ in 1080p. https://nyaa.si/view/660445 More than 250gigs though. For cover art, I would say fanart.tv. All series might not be available but for more popular ones you can probably get logos, banners, wallpapers etc in addition to cover art.
  6. Can somebody give me suggestions for my group tag? Maskedcape has already taken up MC.:ah:


    Here are few I have on my mind :

    • monCLR
    • CLR
    • mCLR
    • CooLR
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    2. 21century


      MOC sound great too 

    3. monsieurcooler


      +4 on MCLR. So,I guess I'll go with that.



      BTW thanks for all the replies. Never thought of getting so many responses.:cry:

    4. 21century
  7. The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    I guess we've to do what Cataria Kittensworth says and follow his her standards. BTW that was my 50th post. YAY!
  8. Hey guys, which one's legit https://nyaa.si/ or https://nyaa.eu/ ?

    1. Scyrous


      https://nyaa.si/ is legit and also one of the most popular trackers right now.

      Looks to me like http://nyaa.eu is dead.


      If you want a working tracker that looks like nyaa.se, there's always http://nyaa.pantsu.cat.

    2. emjay911





      .eu is one of the domains used by the dead nyaa along with the .se 

    3. Catar


      nyaa.si is the cartel-backed tracker post-nyaadeath, and is the most popular public anime tracker at this point.

      Anidex.info is the oldest surviving fansub-specific public tracker, run by the fansub group Doki.

      nyaa.pantsu.cat is a mirror tracker created by 4chan users that also sprung up after nyaadeath, and has mostly fallen by the wayside. Most of its content is just mirroring uploads made to Nyaasi/Anidex/TokyoTosho.

  9. Getting Back into ANime !

    Just watch FMA:B. You'll never regret it. One of my faves, of course.
  10. Attack on Titan Season 2

    Do they have English audio and if they do could u give me a link?
  11. Attack on Titan Season 2

    Hey does anybody know of a recap for season 1? It's been like 2 years, so I don't remember much. As a result, I haven't watched S2 yet.
  12. @Koby Just what I was asking for if you remember.
  13. Hunter X Hunter [DUB] - Anyone know where I can kind download?

    Sorry, never noticed it said DUB in the title.
  14. Hunter X Hunter [DUB] - Anyone know where I can kind download?

    Do you you want the dub or the sub ? I don't there is a complete release of the dub anywhere and if you were watching on kissanime, both those releases would be too big for you (1+GB for each ep).