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  1. Hi again. Has anyone got a hold of Discotek's release of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz? Before this came out, you could only get this anime adaptation in 3 edited-together volumes. It'll be nice to have all the episodes in there entirety. http://www.discotekmedia.com/the_wonderful_wizard_of_oz_sdonbd.htm Thanks in advance!
  2. Yogi's Galaxy Goof-Ups from ITunes

    This is probably too late, but I just bought Galaxy Goof-ups & Requiemed the DRM out of it https://mega.nz/#F!HosxSAgC!O-0C4FglMzBqVIAlO7-seQ
  3. [REQ] Urusei Yatsura - Untouched DVDRIP ISO's

    Here's the whole series on Bluray (except the movies & OVA's) on torrent https://nyaa.si/view/924112
  4. The Last Unicorn (Shout! Factory)

    Hey, thanks for that! I really appreciate it.
  5. The Last Unicorn (Shout! Factory)

    HI everybody I'm looking for the Shout! Factory bluray version of the Last Unicorn. This version is suppose to have dialog that was cut in all the other home versions (i.e. Molly Grue saying "damn you where have you been?" was cute to remove the damn you). Can anyone please help out? Thanks
  6. Twice Upon A Time

    This is my first request, so please forgive me. I'm looking for the animated film "Twice Upon a Time". There have been a few TV rips or VHS rips laying about, but a better release came out on DVD late last year. https://www.amazon.com/Twice-Upon-Time-John-Korty/dp/B014Q67MJU This disc has both the "Clean" & "Dirty" on the one disc. If anyone can please help me out that would be smashing. Thanks
  7. Hi!

    Ok, I need one post too. Still I'm loving this forum so far, keep up the good work guys.