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  1. What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Shadow of the Colossus and Demons' Souls. Never played them until recently. It's kind of my way of preparing for The Last Guardian and The Old Hunters.
  2. What anime do you wish you never watched?

    Angel Beats. Might be the worst anime I've ever watched.
  3. Dragonball Super Dub (Funimation)

    Are they seriously dubbing Super before they do The Final Chapters of Kai?
  4. Last Animated Movie You Watched?

    Frozen. It was decent. Going to watch Kubo soon.
  5. Which order do you watch episodes of cartoons in?

    Don't really put much thought into it. Usually airing order or order that the download is in.
  6. Should I buy an XBOX One S or a PS4 Slim?

    The Xbox is a technically superior machine, but has far less console exclusive games. I would recommend the Xbox One S in the case that both don't have a gaming PC and are not interested in playing Bloodbourne. I would get the PS4 Slim if that's not the case.