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  1. Glock

    Guess the next poster

    sorry, but you're wrong. i guess TVT will post next.
  2. Glock

    SOTW #3 Voting

    Shinji's goes with the theme best, so i'll vote for him.
  3. Glock

    SOTW #2 Voting

    nice entries, but i'm going with Shinji.
  4. Glock

    Draft ?

    if it was by choice if i would get sent overseas, or stay i would stay. if i were to get drafted i would go over, because i love this country despite all the lies coming out of the governments mouth.
  5. Glock


    Xbox 360 Wireless Controller i'm looking for another controller on eBay.
  6. Glock

    Favorite Type of Music

    i usually listen to rap. i'm not into a lot of rock, but when i do it is usually Queen, The Doors, Linkin Park, or Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  7. Glock

    MGS4 on 360? Answer inside

    i would've liked to have MGS4 on the 360, but it doesn't matter. the 360 has good games and has more on the way.
  8. Glock

    Hey ! What's your favorite sport ?

    i love american football the most. after that it would have to be basketball or baseball.
  9. Glock

    Favorite Final Fantasy Battle System?

    i voted mateia, but i like the old class/job system.
  10. Glock

    What ff game are you a master at xD

    FFIX or FFVII. i can get everything in either game without help.
  11. the red doesn't fit in with the rest of the sig.