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  1. The VIP section sounds like a great addition. I made an account so I can follow certain uploaders, but when the sort behavior that prompted the creation of the VIP section happened in some of their threads it kinda killed the whole post. Hopefully I hit that requirement.
  2. Null

    Nintendo Switch

    At least the paid online won't start until next year which means Splatoon's online won't suffer greatly at launch. Great for me, because I'll play the heck out of that. I wish Nintendo followed other gaming industry practices like bigger launch line ups or 3rd party controller support for their console's main device not just the pro controllers (but that's never going to happen, just look at those joycon specs). However, as someone who knows they'll enjoy most if not all of the 1st party titles to come out on the Switch it will always be a must buy whenever a new Nintendo console comes out. The price seems pretty fair considering, if my memory serves right, it's only 50$ more than the 3DS at launch. Conscious buyers should definitely wait for a sale or BF, because I see this very much being a repeat of the WiiU's launch reception. [Fingers crossed they pull something crazy out of nowhere though. <3 Nintendo]
  3. Null


    It ended, meh... :I
  4. Null

    Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    Aside from any Xmas specials I can catch on tv. I started to watch Over the Garden Wall, I really like the music and voices for the characters.
  5. Dean Fujioka is playing Roy. She's pictured with Winry and Ed's actors. --- Hopefully they didn't mean to say the movie would encompass the whole of FMA's story, and instead it just be set near the end of the storyline. However, I haven't been following the project very closely so maybe that's exactly what they meant.
  6. Null

    List of decent action anime?

    Like daethlor, I'll refrain from suggesting repeats. I watched the Cowboy Bebop movie recently. If you watched the series then the movie is pretty much a must watch, but it stands alone pretty well. I see Moby JJ already recommended the series, but if you don't want to start a new series right now the movie is a nice dip in the water. And I'll throw in a personal favorite, super campy action movie Read or Die OVA. Way over the top and just a fun time.
  7. Null


    Whether or not Occultic;Nine can payoff with a worthwhile ending is what will seal the deal for me on this show. This is coming from someone who is thoroughly enjoying the series. Concerning the pacing, the characters speak quickly, normally don't repeat themselves, and settings can change on a dime. People who enjoyed Steins;Gate's esoteric episode structure from episode 1 will feel right at home here. However, I say that because most people did not like the first episode of Steins;Gate until they were further along in the series for it to 'click'. Occultic;Nine continues to keep the watcher's head on swivel much farther episodically than Steins;Gate did where you would get moments or respite to know the characters and world more. I think this is much to Occultic;Nine's detriment character wise (chest-blob airhead girl looking at you >.>), but oh baby is the world building good. I love shows at incorporate modern technology seamlessly like this show is doing, the focus on social media being a sort of conduit for part of the cast to interact with each other like in real life is nice, and as a plus it keeps the show eerily bound to our reality despite the wild stuff and subplots that are slowing revealing themselves as of the latest episode. I think this could be a sleeper hit, but with the potential to be just "ok" if its conclusion is unsatisfying.
  8. Null

    Howdy, Null here.

    I've known about the Kametsu forums for about a month now, and decided to sign up today. I'm happy "Null" wasn't taken (as it usually is) since it is actually my name! Not just some avant garde way to leave my username blank. See you around.